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[Crew to Follow] – Chloe Lane

[Crew to Follow] – Chloe Lane

Our favorite day of the week is here! This week we have Chloe Lane from Emirates. So let’s find out more about her.

About Chloe

Chloe is an Emirates airline crew and has been working with the airline since 2015. She has very interesting roots; part Irish and part Thai or as she says ‘Thairish’. Not many people know that but she grew up with 7 sisters and 6 brothers. That’s not the only interesting part about her, she also moved cities/countries every 6 months as she was brought up to Christian missionaries. No wonder she feels at home being a flight attendant!

When she is not travelling, she likes to use the downtime to relax & chill, spend time with her SO and connect with her friends. And, just generally enjoy not having to worry about alarm clocks.

She is a fitness freak, so going to a gym and working out forms a part of her daily routine. She also blogs about fitness routine and tips in her blog. Also, a bibliophile, she can often be caught red-handed reading or with a book hiding in her bag somewhere. We did a quick rapid fire to know more about her and we will let you read that for yourself.

  • Which animal would be your soul animal?

I’d say a horse. We have the ability to be very independent and stubborn, strong willed but ridiculously loyal and loving haha

  • What excites you the most?

Food. haha I love food so if it involves that you’ll have my full attention. Also, adventure. Seeing places I’ve never seen before, meeting people I would normally never have the chance to meet and doing things I never thought I would ever do.

  • What bores you the most?

I rarely get bored. you can stick me in a room with nothing in it and I’ll find someway to entertain myself even if it means I have to talk to an ant.

About being Crew

She has been working as a crew since 2015. After living a life where she had traveled most of the time, she wanted to continue traveling and being a crew seemed like the perfect choice. She is also someone who loves to look after people and just be around people. So, being a crew seemed like a perfect fit to her. Along with being able to travel to so many different locations, just meeting people from everywhere and getting to try food from all around the world was also a main attraction for her.

While being a flight attendant has given her immense opportunities to travel the world (with Australia and New Zealand being her favorite), she feels working as a flight attendant has changed her in one major way, “My hope for humanity, you see the good and the horrible.” – Chloe told us. But, she feels that she loves her job and that’s what’s the main driving force for her. She told us, “I love my job. Simple as that. I’ll keep doing this job as long as I love it.”

About her blog

While majorly her blogs are travel blogs covering her layovers, she also frequently writes about fitness and other issues like anxiety disorder. In addition, we absolutely loved the vlogs which actually made us feel like we were with her in snowy Toronto. What was most fun about reading Chloe’s blogs was that she likes to keep it real and it reflects in her writing. It is a moment to moment account of her experience while traveling, even if it’s moments of panic about not getting visa on arrival. Well, the fear is real.

Being a Social Media Star

She became active on social media with her previous job and it continued to grow from there. She finds it a great way to connect with her colleagues from around the world, and also stay in touch with her friends and family who are scattered & spread all over the place. When being asked about managing her time with her personal life, full time job and being an active blogger she told us she strives her best to maintain a balance. Although, there are days when she feels she is spending too much time online and she needs to remind herself to log off & go out and enjoy life. She also told us that she tries to not let her online life control her real life. She said, “What I post online isn’t everything and even though people recognize me from online it’s nothing to get a big head over. I’m just another human who is really clumsy, talks loud, gets nervous and has bad days.”

She also feels that to try to maintain a balance between professional and personal life, one needs to learn to leave work at work. She told us that she tries to leave whatever happens at work there, although many times it does not work that ways and she does end up bringing work home with her, but she realizes that it’s not healthy and she needs to learn to leave it outside. Well, we all need to learn to be able to do that.

Where to find her?

Instagram: @misschloelane


3 tips to properly communicate with your audience

  • Be human. Some people tend to think that because they have a lot of IG followers they’re somehow “famous” you can’t let it give you a big head
  • Respond to questions and comments if you can
  • Show the good and the bad. Life isn’t a bed of roses and I’m not going to pretend it is. I’m all about keeping it real

3 tricks to avoid

  • Don’t tag the hotel you stay at. It’s not safe and endangers you and others.
  • Don’t argue with trolls online. It’ll only upset you and in the end what good comes of it.
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else online. comparing yourself with anyone is unhealthy, find happiness with who you are. That’s all that matters.

WOC word

We loved how bravely Chloe handled the issue of anxiety disorder on her blog. It takes a lot of courage and strength to be able to talk about something like that. And, at the same time it’s important to raise awareness about such important issues. It was great to see how Chloe is using this platform to start important conversation about experiencing anxiety and how to deal with it. Hats off, woman! Not everyone can do that.

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