What is the easiest option for a flight attendant to be legally married in Dubai & the GCC?

It’s far from being a simple question. When you fall in love with someone from another nationality and that both of you live together in another country, hassles are quick to come.

Should we marry in my or his/her embassy? Where to get our wedding certificate legalized? How can we live together in the same staff accommodation?

What is the best wedding certificate for flight attendants?

Question are endless. Luckily we partnership with a cool, cute & new startup for you.
easyweddinggeorgia.com is offering cheap, fast & reliable services when it comes to getting married.

What is the fastest way for a crew to get married?

In a nutshell, you take one flight and can leave the country the same day! Their team will handle all the legal process until you receive your wedding certificate valid in Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait or any of the GCC countries.

Best of all? They give to flight attendants a special offer! Contact them from the WOC team!

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Best Video Games For Cabin Crew | WOC

Cabin crew life is synonymous with movement, so what better video gaming console than Nintendo Switch. It is portable, easy to carry, has amazing games available and can definitely be a life save for a rainy day or a freaking hot, sunny day! So here is a list of some super cool Nintendo games that will definitely brighten your layover or off day!

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Join our Startup Sales team

We’re looking for a business developer

In Short

We’re looking for a ready to fight intern speaking English willing to join us in Georgia for a full time job starting in november 2017

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