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5 Situations Flight Attendants Don’t Want to Handle | WOC

5 Situations Flight Attendants Don’t Want to Handle | WOC

Most flight attendants will agree that while there are a lot of perks of being a flight attendant like the excitement of flying somewhere new everyday,  getting to visit all the wonderful places, working with new people, getting loads of special crew discounts worldwide, there are some parts of the job, which can be kinda annoying. E.g. Being stuck in a closed space, 36,000 ft. above the land with hundreds of the plane can be a bit of a horrifying and disgusting experience sometimes. Passengers can be the best and the worst part of a crew job. Here is a list of major passenger pet peeves as shared by cabin crew.

Getting touchy – feely

A word for all passengers who think it’s fine to touch any part of the crew body. No, don’t do it. Just don’t. Never. NEVER with a caps.


Baby Diapers

The mothers who think it’s OK to handover the used, dirty diaper of their baby to the cabin crew. Because, why not?



Porn Time?

Many flight attendants have told us how they have witnessed watching porn on their laptops/tablets/phones when they think no one can look. A word of caution for passengers: Reflection.


Galley Yoga

We get that long flights can be exhausting & your body could do with some stretching. But, as much you would not like us to sit in your seats, we would appreciate if you would leave our tiny, little galley space to us. Please, pretty please.


Ding- Dong

Just because you have them does not mean you need to use them every five minutes. Some of the most annoying situations are when passengers use call-bell repeatedly or during the meal service or worst letting your kids use it because they have found a new toy



This is just a short list shared by some of our readers. Tell us about what are your pet peeves when it comes to passengers?

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