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  • What is the easiest option for a flight attendant to be legally married in Dubai & the GCC?

    It’s far from being a simple question. When you fall in love with someone from another nationality and that both of you live together in another country, hassles are quick to come. Should we marry in my or his/her embassy? Where to get our wedding certificate legalized? How can we live together in the same […]

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  • Travel Tips That Will Save Your Life (and Money!) | WOC

    Travelling can be one of the most exhilarating yet somewhat daunting experiences we go through. The excitement of seeing new places is balanced out with apprehension on spending money and your own safety. And, as a flight attendant, well, that's your everyday routine. Find some cool saving tips while you travel here!

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  • Best Video Games For Cabin Crew | WOC

    Cabin crew life is synonymous with movement, so what better video gaming console than Nintendo Switch. It is portable, easy to carry, has amazing games available and can definitely be a life save for a rainy day or a freaking hot, sunny day! So here is a list of some super cool Nintendo games that will definitely brighten your layover or off day!

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  • Top Flight Attendant Guilty Pleasures | WOC

    Everyone has guilty pleasures, and if you pretend like you don’t, you’re a liar on top of having an embarrassing guilty pleasure. And in the interest of full disclosure,we will reveal top flight attendant guilty pleasures. Read on to find more about them.

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  • Join our Startup Sales team

    You're looking for a full time job in Georgia ? Be ready to join our team.

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  • [Crew to Follow] – Magdi Hafdhi | WOC

    Life is an album of chapters and it’s in no way too late to start a new one or experiment with new chapters. The world is full of individuals who take pleasure in different lifestyles. Some are following well-trodden paths, others have turned off the beaten track and the audacious ones are even paving their own road. Travelling will introduce to people and show you it is possible to make detour, change direction and plan your own route. It will teach you that you have no power over where you were born but you do have control over where you stop. This week our #crewtofollow is Magdi Hafdhi from RyanAir who is a keen photographer, loves to travel and explore . His life has not been same ever since he started his profession as a cabin crew which has helped him grow in all perceptions.

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  • Portrayal Of Cabin Crew Over The Years In Books, Movies and Television Series | WOC

    The dawn of cinema happened just about the same time man first took flight, so it's no doubt airplanes and aviators have been a frequent theme throughout film history. Despite the case, movies, books and television series toils best when we, flight attendants can recount to them. When we can see ourselves on screen or reflect back to a similar experience, it’s nearly as if the director is telling our life story.

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  • Cabin crew life, what was I thinking? | WOC

    When I was planning to join a major airline as a cabin crew 4 years back, I had certain 'conceptions' about what my life is going to be like. The conceptions & expectations were largely affected by media's portrayal & society's perceptions. Of course I knew all of them will not hold true, but six months down the lane it hit me how wide the discrepancies between the expectations I had v/s the reality were. While some are the obvious ones, some not so much.

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  • How Flight Attendants Can Beat Jetlag | WOC

    Exhaustion, delirium and insomnia – we’ve all struggled with jet-lag after enduring a long-haul flight.For flight attendants, this is  a regular occurrence. It is not easy for us to get into a routine when traveling and when your career requires more time in transit than anything else, it’s even more challenging. But not impossible! Here are my top tips as to how flight attendants should maintain sleep cycle and beat jetlag.

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