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[Crew to Follow] – CrewControl – Part 3 | WOC

[Crew to Follow] – CrewControl – Part 3 | WOC

The Crew to follow blogs are back after a brief hiatus,with the last & the most fun part of the CrewControl blog series. So, without much further ado, we give you a sneak peak into the lives of the CrewControl band members.

Who are the band members?

CrewControl are:

  • I-Adri (Adriano Cafasso) lead vocal, lyrics, piano and keys, rhythm guitar
  • TommyBoy (Tom Pasquariello) lead guitar, backing vocals, piano, and keys
  • Chico (Álvaro Fernández García) drums, piano, and keys, rhythm guitar
  • Jampo (Giampaolo Eroli) Bass guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, (lead vocals in a bunch of songs)

This is the original lineup since 2012. Things now are slightly changing because Jampo has made the tough choice to leave the band for personal reasons. We supported his decision, and our last release tune Don’t Call Me Maybe (parody), was the last song he fully participated in the recording and production process, although there may be future collaborations this was his goodbye song to the band.

Very shortly we are going to announce the new band member, so, stay tuned ;-)


Could you give our readers a brief introduction about all of you and explain what each persons’ role in the band is?

Yes sure! Although each of us can play more than one instrument, we have a fixed role in the band. We are going to explain this and also our particular way to work. Each of us has developed different tasks, a sort of combination of preexisting skills and new adaptive solutions. Apart from the music process, we successfully managed to cover all areas of pre and post production, graphic and video solutions, adverts and social media marketing that perfectly suits our a-typical way to be a band. It’s pretty much as it would be in a record label, where every role is covered by a different person, who acts and take care of a particular area of competence.

Let’s go specific for each member.

@ I-Adri. Leading Vocals

The “I” before the name is not by chance; it stands for Apple brand fanatic and technology inclined. This guy is always in the know about, especially when we talk about innovation; He follows all the news, the studies and the prototypes of what is considered technology.

  • He is the front man and such a hilarious guy you can work with.
  • He’s an absolute expert of the “new,” and this surely affects his contributions in the different areas of competence related to the band project.
  • He’s the pop and contemporary music lover, keep everybody updated about what is “on,” and what is not at the moment.
  • He takes care mainly of the lyrics of the original songs, the adaptation of the parody lyrics and also contributes in the arrangements.
  • He’s the one in charge of the Art and Graphic division with all his graphic software and apps.
  • He’s the VideoMaker, the Screenplay Writer and the Art Director of all the video we’ve done until now.
  • He’s also the Multimedia, Technology and Innovation Referent for the band.
  • He is the one in charge on behalf of the group of all the Artistic Credits and the Band’s Royalties.

@TommyBoy. Leading guitar

  • His nickname comes from the way of being called fondly by I-Adri since they’ve met.
  • He is the “rock reverend” who gives CrewControl that raw sound with some blue notes around. Is not only a genre of music for him but a real style of life.
  • His love for music covers the major part of his spare times. Sport is also important for him, very often he organises some football match between cabin crew and pilots.
  • His true love is to be on stage and breathing the energy perceived between the crowd and the musicians.
  • He cares very much about the arranging process; his main objective is to keep the quality of the music as good as possible while trying to blend it with a catchy sound that better suits the
  • contemporary trends.
  • He also is the Audio Editor and mixing referent for the audio engineer during the mixing and mastering process.
  • Community Manager. He takes care of the official social profiles of the band and synchronises the public relations and the press.
  • Executive Manager. He is the one who organises the band activity, the work to do, the upcoming events and concert logistics and organisations.
  • Planning and Motivational Coach. He has everything scheduled and listed up within months in advance he plans or proposes something to do, to the rest of the band. He’s always trying to push to anyone in the band that seems to be too slightly laid back or a bit lazy…

@Chico. Drummer

  • His nickname comes from a joke between Tommy and Adri about who speaks better Spanish. By the way! None of them does… :-)
  • Before working as cabin crew, he was working in a Spanish Radio Station and also had toured with many bands working as sound engineer and road crew.
  • He’s the Sound Engineer of the band, all the projects, with just a few exceptions, are under his wing.
  • Although he is involved in the arrangements process, he mainly is in chief of the mixing and mastering of the tracks
  • When he is not flying, he spends hours and hours in his small mixing studio in London, “playing” with his sound toys. His great personality makes him always try to improve in everything he does. The phrase “it’s not so bad” doesn’t suit him at all.
  • In fact, as an evidence of this, he is in continuous research of “the perfect sound.” Studying hard and also attending many masterclass courses, trying to learn from the giants of the music production, people like Mika Jussila one of his favorite (sound engineer at the Finnvox Studios) and the producer Lulo Pérez.
  • One of his biggest dreams is to study one day, alongside his music myth, Mr. Chris Lord-Alge.
  • He’s the band meeting organiser, taking care of the times, logistics and roster matching.
  • He gives a good help with graphic design ideas with his eclectic visions of the things, gained as Fanatic Disney Lover ( in the sense of production, musical and marketing).

@ Jampo. Bass player

  • His nickname comes from the contraction of his real name and the onomatopoeic joke related to his habit to jump while is playing live.
  • He’s the most experienced musicians of the four, and he has shared the stages with so many musicians over the years.
  • He’s the point of reference for the band, related to the live sessions and the rhythm sections during the compositions.
  • He’s the referent for the live concert organisations as he knows practically everyone in the music scene.
  • He’s the primal voice in some of the CrewControl song, due to his particular voice timbre stylistically opposed to Adri’s voice and also he is the main backing vocal.

Life as Crew members

  • Tommy – At the present, it’s about 12 years that I am rocking the sky.
  • I-Adri – 10 years this year.
  • Chico – 5 years and two different companies.
  • Jampo – 6 years.

What do you love about being crew?

  • Tommy: I don’t see myself doing anything else but flying. I can’t see myself in a walled office with the same routine every day. I need a change of perspective quite often and this what I love the most of being cabin crew.
  • I-Adri: The poetry behind it. Soaring over the clouds just can’t compare with anything else.
  • Chico: That everyday is a new challenge. Different passengers, different routes and whatever the sky wants to bring us…
  • Jampo: The chance of meeting a lot of people in general, colleagues and friends that make this job even better than what it already is.

What do you dislike about being crew?

  • Tommy: I really hate to dress and undress million times in a day. From the first time I am preparing myself to go to work, at the security control (although I know it is for security reasons,), in the crew room, on the plane, etc.
  • I-Adri: It takes time off my music! ;-)
  • Chico: Waking up at 3 am definitely is not my favorite part. Also, is so sad to realise how so many people don’t give the minimum respect, fully deserved to our job. So often treating us, as their servants and not understanding that we are there in the first place for their safety. This is the worst part to me.
  • Jampo: I am pretty sure I would avoid the turbulence in the experience of being crew.

If you were a food product which item would you be? Why?

  • Tommy: Wow, That’s hard; I would say a sandwich (in the most general way from club sandwich style, burgers, wraps and especially the homemade leftover recycling) just because it is the main meal I consume as a crew. Also because I am the King of improvisation with food…give me few left over fridge food, and I will make you a super premium appetising sandwich ever.
  • I-Adri: I’m gonna give you a good answer to this one! (Laughs-NDR). I would be a shrimp. You don’t just eat one, you eat many at the same time, but each one of them lived in a way that no other animal has ever done: he moved forward by going backward. I’ll leave to you and your readers the interpretation!
  • Chico: Probably something cooked by my grandmother. That’s what I miss the most from being away from my family. Maybe a delicious Spanish tortilla.
  • Jampo: I’ll say Carbonara pasta, what else to underline my Italians origins?

How has been your overall journey as a flight attendant?

  • Tommy: Still exciting every day! Of course, problems and stressful situations are often part of the game, but still happy and satisfied although feeling exhausted after a long working day. But I’ve met thousands of people, brought them safely back home or on vacation and always wearing my big smile.
  • I-Adri: Long, but satisfying. It made me who I am today. What strikes me is that every day you deal with a new crew, new people, new challenges.
  • Chico: So far so good. You never know who you’re gonna meet on board the next trip, and for me that makes it special. I’ve met many different people related to the music world, and some of those are now close friends. In general, I can’t complain about the journey. As Tommy says stress, tiredness and difficulties are all part of the game, but I think the reward you get is much bigger.
  • Jampo: It has been an exciting journey I’d say. Always one day different from the other and this might be the secret that makes this job interesting and enthusiastic for most of the people doing it.

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