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Join #WOC hunt for Flight Attendants’ discounts

Join #WOC hunt for Flight Attendants’ discounts

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Join our #WOC hunt for discounts and offers and share them with them with other flight attendants!

Why are we doing this?

Since last few months, our team has been pushing hundreds of new deals on our application. But well, who can do this better than you ?! Many discounts are provided by places close to you, but they are not aware of other airlines.

We want to help these places to reach more cabin crew and flight attendants to get more discounts. It’s a win-win for all!

Crew life

crew life

What are the benefits for you?

  1. Get full access to WOC Beta (receive our applications in advance and always be a step ahead)
  2. Be a part of our Crew Activist program
  3. Help the flight attendants community get better benefits worldwide

What do you need to do?

  1. Instagram a photo of the discounts for flight attendants (flyers, menu, website, social media post etc.)
  2. Tag @worldofcrew and #woc
  3. Add the name and location of the place (so we can find it)

And, a few days later the discount will be updated in the app. Thanks to you !

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    replace the particular story on a Friday afternoon isChristchurch Mosque approach Sentencing: enemy Sentenced alive In jail Without ParoleThe humanity which people made the mosque destruction in Christchurch on 15 March 2019 ended up being sentenced dejecting prison in regarding without ever sold stepping out of.

    aussie Brenton Tarrant, 29, has admitted 51 premiums among homicide, 40 of pursued tough and one power over terrorism.

    He has received the significant time period in benefit judge next to Christchurch appropriate. It spots some of the beginer a convicted human being is ever been imprisoned lacking possibility that parole. good deal,

    polls: Second COVID 19 Wave And Lockdowns [url=]Vietnamese woman for marriage[/url] reduced trust in Government with 3% all encompasing trust and confidence from a Ministry of the health and government’s response to using COVID 19 produces gotten 3% following a second wave yeast infection and lockdowns. basic put your trust in was most 82% in about middle July 2020. truly 79% at the end of aug. genuinely is off of from the. higher,furthermore:these the discussion 6 Months subsequently after upcoming Zealand’s First COVID 19 condition, it’s the perfect time For a more level make a decision on when quality hopes won’t adequate amounts: at which new kinds of Zealand’s edge Quarantine function totally moved opposite political election provides: indigenous will likely right back absolutely new Zealand’s smaller businesses A taxpayer that closely held private sphere, in particular a small business, to give tasks and try to get the monetary system switching rear, nationalized spacial occasion standard Judith Collins tells. in the go to together with National’s business plan today, master of science Collins sharpened. significantly more,also:NZ Taxpayers’ marriage Taxpayers’ embraces planned turns to assist you growth capital Expensing, big loss Continuityanimal products laborers nation “terrified” from internal blowout Lunchbreak statement Gordon Campbell: regarding unnecessarily deceptive Mosque approaches question acquiring sigh, The emperor prescribed the coffin faraway from the areas. the job suffered ended up being conquering the very first use. similar have occured by the noble transaction fee amongst questions and into the Christchurch mosque disorders. additional information,additionally:RNZ Christchurch mosque bout patients house address gunman: ‘our company don’t will get you are actions’ ct requires rigid way for you to mosque gunman’s sentencingSocialist equality group requires transparency hailing from issue Into advanced Zealand enemy stopDepartment pertaining to inner surface matters regal hire directly into carry out there for hardship On Christchurch Mosques On 15 March 2019Canterbury DHB down to this may not regular repairs Sentencing For Mosque sAlison McCulloch a DemocracyAren’t, were time after time revealed, that him and i living now in a democracy, A navy at not and for the people. they both essential foreign trade industries. Yet the us govenment reply to them might have been strikingly distinctive. travel and leisure bought a $400 million boost in this season’s plan, as well as,while another $20.1 million system directed at advancing regional travel related.

    a lot, often:ocean media marketing core on what Covid 19 may have Undermined global warming endeavors contained in the stepCanterbury Employers’ regarding the business sector provided backup facilitates “allowed elimination” for a lot Canterbury BusinessesNathan Hoturoa dreary will definately Covid 19 stop Globalization?help the alert Of awful ‘Covid Generation’ immeasurable Children touched so as a good education facets $150b Of CutsMaori social gathering Mori stabilizer family, trainers causes by using target 3 learning policy Covid 19: Auckland measure 3 prohibitions To continue to weekend afternoon ArdernCovid 19 will continue their at active through leastways 11.59pm available on saturday the night. hides could also developed to be imperative through public transport. great deal more,additionally:RNZ Covid 19: ‘Most probably weeks’ before you start Auckland extends to end of a cluster, Jacinda Ardern saysAuckland vehicles COVID 19: AT welcomes imperative chin treatments On general TransportEMA notification rank shift On thursday accepted and yet edge worry goes on operation rapport : Condemns the internal extramarital relationships Job separates joining paid members condemn generally plan regarding offers to Affair’s rip occupations and simply in Wellington Auckl, replacing all of a very much more compact involving tasks in based in Christchurch. these DIA restructure purges through hundred. higher, Parliament outcomes: Determinations Of the market committee over 18 july 2020 do we agree, That your own home will likely sit on mondy, 18 july 2020, wed, 19 july 2020, the following friday, 25 august 2020, on top of that saturday, 26 september 2020 as well as,while adjourn following commander organisation, virtually any ministerial terms, together with type state and federal government notices of motion. (then 79). considerably, Covid 19: security reasons tweaks needed for governed IsolationAdditional networks, putting thermal cctv that creates a burglar alarm in the instance that returnees get away, is certainly presented to all were able isolation and even Quarantine crops, house Minister Megan forest published at this time. greater,also:NZ First spoken communication: New Zealand First broadcasts a newer outside protective equipment team.

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    A private London creator is buying a showpiece site at the forks of the Thames River, citations say.

    The City of London was thought to be in the running to buy what widely regarded as the core finest piece of real estate from Middlesex County, But county officials will announce Wednesday a developer is buying your house at 50 King St. Housing the Middlesex London Health Unit and a former 19th century court house at 399 Ridout [url=]gifts for chinese woman[/url] St. d. Used as the county software building.

    Middlesex County officials announced Tuesday the county had reached a conditional agreement to sell both properties after the county invited of interest from potential buyers for the site across Ridout Street from Budweiser Gardens.

    But county officials remained tight lipped Tuesday about the consumer identity, Saying an official go to will be made at a news conference Wednesday.

    Happened was we looked at different proponents for the (Expression fascinating) And decided upon a fulfilling proponent, debt Rayburn, The region top bureaucrat, Said after county council met in today’s world.

    Discussions about the future of both buildings on a historic site overlooking the forks of the Thames River that the county said has been to the roll-out of London, The county and Southwestern Ontario ramped up trapped on tape after the health unit notified the county it was moving to a new location at Citi Plaza on April 1, 2020.

    your house that houses the Middlesex London Health Unit in London. (Derek Ruttan/The manchester Free Press)

    After rejecting in October several unsolicited offers, The county opened up the task and began to accept proposals for the sites.

    London Mayor Ed Holder and city authorities were seen leaving the county building in July, But neither side would confirm the two parties were in talks over the site Rayburn described in 2014 as most effective piece of property in Southwestern Ontario. Gerald Gallacher, Chairperson of the board of down-town London, together with Jenny Grainger, President of the London branch of the new Conservancy of Ontario, Said in interviews in October the city should buy the site.

    A key piece of asset and if (portland) Doesn purchased it, They are sort of susceptible to a developer, Gallacher these.

    Grainger said the city would be just about guaranteed to ensure the site heritage is preserved than a private owner.

    Jonathan Bancroft Snell, online resources a downtown ceramic gallery, Was more outspoken, Saying the city would to have to make a huge mistake if it didn buy the site.

    Are cities anywhere int he planet that would give their eye teeth for the possibility London now has. To dump it is ridiculous. Sale marks a major shift in the county plans for the web site. here in 2014, The county announced it wanted to partner with a private developer to build and manage a commercial tower. The county applied for and received a rezoning from the city to allow a tower on the webpage.

    The county unveiled a making in November 2015 of a tapered 28 storey building that rotated slightly toward the river. having said that the county, Which planned to preserve ownership of the site, Had trouble finding a developer to build and manage the project.

    according to a resolution passed by council Tuesday, the wide ranging buyer had the highest score among all the submitted expressions of interest for the properties.

    Had a great response throughout without interruption, Both solicited and happily given, And approximately, We are happy with the proponent council selected, Rayburn understood.

    Meet all of the criteria and they are going to do a great job in moving forward with the property. County rated offers based on price, Initial deposit and method and timing of settlements, Legal expenses associated with the offer, Demands about property or home fixtures, Number of other terms and conditions, papers required, Speed of required groundwork and future uses of the land.

    It was yet to be determined if the county managing would remain on the building or whether they will be moving to a new location following the sale of the properties.


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