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Hardest Things About Being A Flight Attendant | WOC

Hardest Things About Being A Flight Attendant | WOC

Every job has its pros & cons. Being a flight attendant is no different. The benefits attached with being a cabin crew are unique & so are the negatives that all cabin crew have to go through. Here’s a list of hardest things that all flight attendants have to go through while working.

Missing Important Holidays

One of the most frustrating part about being a cabin crew is not to be at home during important holidays like Christmas or Thanksgivings or whatever are the important holidays according to your culture. Working at 36,000 ft. reminiscing about how you used to spend the holidays as a kid with your family & friends, the food, the customs, the festive feeling is & will probably be the worst part about being a  cabin crew.


Maintaining Normal Friendships

Working as a crew outside your home town or in some cases outside your country makes it difficult to find friends who are not flight attendants. And, there is probably nothing worse than trying to plan anything with your ‘crew friends’. But, the bonus is they understand your life & in most cases end up becoming your family.


Saving Money

Flight attendant job is not one of the best paid jobs ever. Even though you have your allowance while traveling for layovers, it is in most cases not enough. Let’s face it. most of us joined this profession because of the wanderlust, so when you are in a new city the temptations are endless, but the money not. So, being able to save for a rainy day is not a familiar concept for most of us. (But, now you can download World Of Crew and get special crew discounts on tours, activities, restaurants, bars on your layovers)



Having lasting, meaningful relationships is anyways difficult in today’s time & world, but it probably becomes 10 times more difficult for crew. Being able to find someone who understands your job or someone who wants to date you & not the fantasy idea of a flight attendant  or someone who is not jealous is hard enough. And, when you do find someone like that, getting the time & energy to invest in nourishing the relationship is probably harder. Skype dates are cute for sometime, but sadly can’t last forever.


Staying Healthy

Crew meals, irregular sleep cycle, tough work conditions. in-flight air are some of the issues that make it difficult for crew to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of us end up making gyms our best friends for the same reason.


Good and bad are part of everyone’s lives. And, guess these are things that we have to learn to deal with or get around because in the end, I would not trade my job for any other.


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