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How to get married in UAE for Pakistan flying crew

How to get married in UAE for Pakistan flying crew

Most people wonder about how to get married in UAE for Pakistani aviation crew especially when they are straddling from one place to another. The answer is proper registration and documents for simple approval. A Pakistani couple can have their Muslim marriage in Dubai. But to register them, the couple must submit the legal forms and requirements applicable for Muslim weddings.

Legal formalities for how to get married in UAE for Pakistani nationals

If both the Bride and groom are Muslims, they must submit and follow the following procedures.● They must register the marriage contract with the UAE Sharia court.

  • According to the legal law, the parties must be above 18 years of age. People below the age of 18 must receive prior approval from the judge. They must submit the requisition form in advance.
  • If the spouse’s age is twice the age of the other, then the judge’s prior approval is a must.
  • A premarital health certificate from ministry approved health center is a must.
  • The presence of the couple during the ceremony.
  • The approved Bride.
  • The presence of a proxy or father of the Bride is essential
  • The couple must have two Muslim witnesses for a marriage
  • Other documents like affidavits related to their marital status, NOC, and photos are necessary.

When either one of the partner belong to a different religion

If either one of the partners belongs to a different religion; getting married in the UAE is nearly impossible until and unless one of the partners decides to convert. However if conversion isn’t really ideal then cabin crews have many other options such to fly to Georgia or Seychelles and get married in one of these exotic destinations which marriage a lot more simpler. 

In conclusion to getting married in UAE for Pakistani nationals crew members

Muslim couple must submit the above mentioned documents in court and register their marriage legally. This legal process is necessary and is made simple. The rest, should look for other easy alternatives

For more understanding regarding how to get married in UAE for Pakistani nationals, the customers can hire any registration helpers in UAE.

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