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10 Incidents Flight Attendants Will Relate To | WOC

10 Incidents Flight Attendants Will Relate To | WOC

We might be divided by airlines and countries, but we are definitely connected by airplane incidents that we all can relate to. Here’s a list of some incidents that all flight attendants will relate to.

1. Bare Feet Lav Users

You are probably not a true flight attendant till you have seen at least one passenger walking bare feet in the lavatory.

2. Missing Wake-up Calls

Running out of phone battery without realizing or helpful spouses who think you need to sleep and  decide to put the phone on silent. I am sure, once in our flight attendants career we have been victim of this

3. Layover Dilemma

Catch up on sleep or go out to explore? Go out to explore or catch up on sleep?

4. Failed Attempts To Save Allowance

I promise myself that this time I will not shop, not eat, not drink, not travel and save at least 70% of my allowance. By the end of the layover: I spent all my allowance and 50% of my salary.

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5. Over Excited Crew

There is always that one crew who is excited about everything  in life. Nice passengers, new layovers, layover hotels, etc. etc.

6. Only a 10-Minutes Power Nap

If we all had a penny for every time I missed a plan because of the 10 minutes naps which lasted 10 hours.

7. Individual E-commerce Website

Once or more we have all been treated as a  personal e-commerce portals by our friends & family. Could you please get me wine from Italy or peanut butter from the States or Spices from India?

8. Explaining Crew Scheduling

When your friends ask you to explain how crew-scheduling works. You wonder if the ones sitting behind those desks know it themselves.

9. Dirty CRC

When the crew before you decided to use the CRC as a trash box.

10. Bumping Into Your Ex

It’s a small world, after all. But, where do you run and hide?

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