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[Influencer] – Jessica Cairney- Crew to follow | WOC

[Influencer] – Jessica Cairney- Crew to follow | WOC

This week in Friday influencer, we will talk about our crew-to-follow Jessica Cairney

Jessica has been in aviation industry for over six years now and is a grade 1 cabin crew with Emirates.

More about Jessica

With half Thai-half Australian roots, Jessica is multi-cultural and also speaks multiple languages, “I speak English and Thai, and am learning Egyptian Arabic now”, said Jessica. 

She is passionate about flying and baking, and if she was not a cabin crew she would probably have owned a bakery somewhere. She told us, “I love flying obviously, always have and in my free time I love cooking and baking cakes. Owning a cake shop was always my second dream after flying.”

But, flying is her first love and we will let you read what she has to say about it because we could not have put it better ourselves;

“I love flying because well the magic of flying has not died, no matter how many generations pass there is something about flying that everyone can love and feel close to. And so every time I put on my uniform I get to feel that sparkle of magic in me and also spread it to my customers. I get to see the world, and meet exciting people and learn things I never would have if I didn’t take this leap of faith. I couldn’t ask for more than that, could I?”

Jessica as a social media influencer

Jessica is an active blogger and Instagrammer. She writes about her travel adventures in her blog wanderlustshop; interesting experiences from her layovers, enjoying the cultural nuances, interacting with locals. In her latest blog, she talked about her experience of open-day and interview for Emirates. It was a funny and an honest account of her experience; her tripping on the staircase, anxiety at seeing all the other participants, describing herself as bubbly and tips for the group discussion made this blog a must read for anyone who either aspires to be a flight attendant or wants to apply for any job.

Rest of her blog is majorly focused on her tales as a wanderer across the globe and boy they fill you with a strong urge to just leave everything, pack your bags and take the next flight.

Her Instagram account is also filled with envy inducing pictures from all over the globe and she might soon be starting a YouTube channel if that is something her followers want (Our vote, YES!) Have a look into her Instagram account:

She started her Instagram account with the hope of inspiring people to follow their dreams, whatever they might be; flying or anything else. And that’s still driving her to not just continue as a blogger and an Instagrammer, but also make sure to respond to as many comments/questions as possible.

Although she feels that with so many followers it is getting difficult for her to answer to all the comments and questions she gets, she tries her best. “And so I don’t want to just forget about everyone’s questions when I know I can maybe help them.” Now that’s what we call commitment!

Where can you find her?

Blog: Wanderlustshop

Instagram: @jesscairney_ek

Being a crew

Interviewing Jessica or reading her blogs was just so insightful! It made me see so many different facets of her and her life as a crew member. While it is a very tough job to do, her tales and outlook towards her job really makes you realize that when you do something you love, all the tough parts that come along with the job become easier to handle. 

From what she has to say it seems like there is never a dull day in a crew’s life, “I have had many funny experiences in my flying career, too many to name or even remember actually and honestly every day is a fun, joyous one. Whether you’re flying to Bangkok or flying to a neighboring country and back to Dubai.”

Advice from Jessica

Something to avoid, I guess, in life in general is negativity. There is so much negativity in this world as it is. Don’t make it any worse. Be grateful for what you have and stay humble no matter where you end up in life.”

Jessica on WOC

And, this is what Jessica had to say about World of crew “So the world of crew app is a very clever idea. Very helpful and perfect for the fliers of the world. Many of my friends have used the app already. I myself have not but will once I transfer everything onto my new phone as I’m mid process right now.”

We look forward to having you as a user, Jessica.

WOC note

Jessica’s blog and her interview exudes with warmth and life. We are completely hooked to both her Instagram and blog, and advice everyone else to follow her for your daily dose of positivity and wanderlust.

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