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The Sad Truth Behind The Emirates Champagne Glass | WOC

The Sad Truth Behind The Emirates Champagne Glass | WOC

No one can deny the power of social media in today’s time. In this race to make their videos go viral people often forget how it could affect the other person’s life. This is not the first time internet has been taken by a  storm by in-flight videos posted by passengers. But, the recent Emirates Champagne Glass incident has raised the important question of where do passengers & airlines need to draw the line.

  • Where is the line?

It is probably understandable for passengers to shoot & circulate videos when an incident like passengers being ill-treated or physically harmed is concerned. But, does a poor Champagne Glass deserve that much attention? Many current and ex flight attendants have given a lot of possible reasons of why it could have happened and why it’s probably not a big deal. Many have described it as a standard practice to put the drink back in the bottle before disposing it off. Where to draw the line that tells us what needs to be brought to the attention of thousands of people and what just need to be ignored?

  • Cheap thrill for the passengers, livelihood for the flight attendants

The Russian passenger who posted the video, wrote this as a comment, “I accidentally filmed this video, and didn’t even notice this moment at the time, pouring unfinished Champagne back into the bottle. Is that normal practice Emirates?” And, tagged Emirates in the video. Oh! the horror of champagne being put back in the bottle! Violating the basic human right of getting fresh out of the bottle, fizzy drink. The question has been raised with the intensity as if it’s a life or death moment. The intensity with which it has been raised almost seems like the flight attendant was seen putting poison in the food or beating an innocent passenger.

Yes, you paid the business ticket and you are probably entitled to the best luxuries in life. But, maybe it’s time for customers to stop making a mountain of a mole hill for every little thing and stop abusing the power social media has given us all. (We have tried to get in touch with the passenger to his version of the story and reasons, but have not received any comment yet).

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  • Responsible journalism, anyone?

  • From small to the biggest newspapers talking about the incident, the question is that how we all are just contributing to the misfortune of the innocent flight attendant caught in this crossfire between passengers and the airline. To the online newspapers using terms like ‘No Class!’ or ‘Bubble Trouble’ ‘Embarrassing’ to denote the incident. Shouldn’t you be paying more attention to much more important issues plaguing the world than a glass of champagne being poured back in the bottle. Instead of calling out an airline for having ‘No Class’, shouldn’t you be calling out one of the biggest airlines in the world not giving its cabin crew good pay & leading them to go on a strike?

    • Are flight attendants just a number for the airlines?

    With the fierce competition prevalent in the industry today, the airlines are trying to maintain a spotless image. But, what about the responsibility the big companies have for their staff. Standing up for your staff and defending them instead of distancing yourself from the matter? Are cabin crew just a number that can be easily disposed off when faced with a situation like this?

    Cabin crew are considered the face of airlines, but unfortunately with the rise of mobile phone journalism & viral news, this also means that they are constantly under the scrutiny & an innocent act of negligence can cause them their livelihood. There have been many incidents in the past also, where cabin crew lost their jobs because of such issues. How fair is it?

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