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Online Marriage For Aviation Couples

Online Marriage For Aviation Couples

Getting married is a dream for couples all around the world. Couples who work in the aviation industry find it difficult to get married in any one country because of the job profile. Many couples either belong to a different nationality or want to get married in a foreign country because of their job. However, the legal documentation and paperwork are quite hectic and exhausting for working couples. Nut thanks to the age of technology, today online marriage is a reality. In this article, we will be reading about how aviation couples can get married online in the country of their choice. 

Find out the countries which permit online marriage

Before you decide to get married online, first have a list of the countries which permit online marriage, especially to foreigners. Another factor in choosing the country to conduct the online marriage is the amount of paperwork required in that country. Once you shortlist the country of your choice, you can go ahead with your other plans.

Find an online marriage officiant

Every wedding requires an officiant. Similarly, an online wedding also requires an officiant who has to be present online during the wedding ceremony. So, before the ceremony, find out an officiant for your online wedding and make sure that all the legal permits for the officiant are obtained in advance.

Obtain an online marriage certificate and other documents

Just like a conventional wedding which requires a marriage certificate and other legal documents, online marriage also requires certain paperwork which needs to be uploaded on the respective government websites. The legal work could be quite lengthy and tiring, that’s why you can hire an online marriage agency. 

Choose an online streaming platform

Before you get married online, choose a live streaming platform for online marriage. Once you have selected the platform, get familiar with it so that the wedding ceremony goes smoothly. Also, make sure that you and your spouse, along with the officiant and any government official if present are familiar with the online video streaming platform and have the required internet connection with them.


 The COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world a lot of new things like working from home. One more thing which people have learned in the pandemic is to get married online. This type of marriage is quite convenient for couples who work in the aviation industry as couples from different countries can get married online in a country of their choice. Before you plan your online marriage, keep a few things in check like which countries permit online marriages, arranging the wedding officiant, selecting the live video streaming platform, getting all the required paperwork, etc. By following the above-said steps, we are sure that you will have a memorable online marriage in the country of your choice.

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