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The 7 Cardinal Flight Attendant Sins | WOC

The 7 Cardinal Flight Attendant Sins | WOC

Here are the deadly transgressions for cabin crew which we are all guilty of committing. Do you think there is a special ‘cabin crew’ section reserved in hell for all of us who are guilty of committing these?

1. Not buying shampoo anymore

Who needs to buy shampoos when you can have your hotel collection. Marriott, Radisson, Hyatt which one should I use today?


2. Intentionally using crew lingo to confuse non-crew people

So, I was dead heading when the first officer asked for an all-call just before the  top of the drop and then blah blah blah.


3. Endless Selfies

That moment when you can’t upgrade any of your apps because your phone memory is filled with layover pictures or those plane crewfies.


4. Using the cat face to get a discount everywhere

Let’s face it, we have all used the cute cat face to try to get a discount.



But, worry not, with World Of Crew, you can get more than 1,000 discounts. So, you can save the cat face for something else. Like when you need to apologize to your mom for forgetting to wish her on mother’s day.


5. Exaggerating the number of countries you have visited

At some point we have all exaggerated the number of countries/cities we have visited. Let’s just hope they don’t ban our entry into heaven because of that.


6. Not respecting the rest period one will really find out.


7. Not knowing the days

I bet it’s Tuesday today or maybe Thursday or is it Monday? Who cares!


2 more bonus sins that we are all guilty of

8. Selective attention to call bell

In our defense, some pax don’t deserve it.


9. Considering doing Macarena during safety demo

No one looks at them anyways.



Which sin are you guilty of?

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