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Top Airline Safety Videos | WOC

Top Airline Safety Videos | WOC

Airlines are trying there best these days to come up with safety videos that are unique & helps that stand apart. Here’s our list of Top 10 Airline Safety Videos

10. Pegasus Airlines – Are You Ready To Fly Like A Superhero?

The video makes it to top 10 because who would not like to fly with the Avengers?

9. Cebu Pacific Dancing Safety Videos

Technically not a video, but we are pretty sure that flight attendants grooving to Lady Gaga will definitely make sure all the passengers pay attention to the safety demo, for a change.

8. Virgin America #VXsafetydance

This one seems like it’s right out of a Glee episode and you will probably find yourself humming to the tunes of the song after the flight as well.

7. Qantas Safety Video 2017

The breathtaking views of Australia make this video a treat for the eyes.

6. Qatar Airways FC Barcelona Safety Video

Other than the obvious hotness in the video, the video is innovative and funny.

5. Delta Air Safety Video

The Delta video might not have amazing locales or big name, but it sure is quirky and funny.

4. Turkish Airlines Safety Video with Zach King

Guess, we can all do with a little magic in life. This video gets the 4th rank for the concept

3. Virgin Atlantic Kid Safety Video

The sassy, little girl is sure to steal your heart!

2. British Airways Celebrity Safety Video

The video does not just rely on star power, but is actually quite hilarious. Mr. beans in the end, cherry on the cake!

1. Air New Zealand – Hobbit themed video series

Who would not like a little trip to the Middle Earth?

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in comments.

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