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World Of Crew – Find out what’s new in iOS v1.3.5 | WOC

World Of Crew – Find out what’s new in iOS v1.3.5 | WOC

In the beginning of the year, we promised you all many exciting updates & new features on World Of Crew. The good news is that you have the latest version of WOC v1.3.5 is now available for iOS users and will be soon available for android users. Let’s see what’s new in this version. on iOS now. The new version is focused on making your experience of using the app smoother & more streamlined. The current update is available only on iOS & will be soon available on Android as well.


What’s new?

Search bar

Want to see if your favorite place is offering you a discount? Now, you can use the search bar directly & save time.


Discount range

Filter the range of discounts you want to see in the feed


Choose airline

Filter your airline to see the discounts only for you

blog-woc-iOS-v1.3.5 - airline-filter

Airline marking

Know which airline the discount is for in the feed itself


What’s next?

Well, as you can see we are only half way to v1.4 and there is much more coming your way with v1.4 like hundreds of new discounts for all airlines! Did I tell you guys too much?

Download the app for free from iPhone App store and Google play store.



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