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[Crew to Follow] – Brigita | WOC

[Crew to Follow] – Brigita | WOC

Sometimes in life you find people who make you want to live life more fully and completely just because of the sheer zest with which they lead their own lives. Often in life we tend to make excuses for ourselves or sometimes we are too scared to go out of comfort zone; ‘I lead such a busy life, I don’t have time for this’  or ‘I have never worn a dress like, I don’t think I should buy it.’ I am sure a lot of times most of us find ourselves telling us these things. But, then sometimes you come across people who manage to fight all of this and actually live life. In today’s blog we will talk about one such person who manages to live her life doing what she loves to do. This week our #crewtofollow is Brigita from Emirates.

About Brigita

Brigita is one of the young babies to join the Emirates cabin crew club. Along with being a cabin crew she is also a travel and fashion blogger. Something that she has been doing even before beginning her career as a flight attendant. When she is not traveling she likes to explore her current home town Dubai. She feels the city has much to offer and Brigita loves to visit restaurants or cafes or just go for a movie.

“One of the reasons why I love Dubai so much is because it’s so diverse, and there is so many interesting places to go to. I always try to make time to go to new restaurants with friends. And going to the cinema has become a habit as well.”

Being Crew

The travel bug combined with the love for working directly with customers made being a cabin crew the best career option for Brigita. She had worked in retails sector for a year before she decided to change her career direction and become a flight attendant. She feels that she is still as much in love with her job as a flight attendant as she was the first time she joined it. She told us, “Although many things are always the same – I feel like the experiences are simply invaluable. From my opinion, that’s what the right career path should be like – challenging, enriching and and enjoyable.”

Many things have changed for Brigita since she has become a crew; there is no fix routine, gets more time off and feels she has much more time to do other things that makes life more enjoyable for her. One of her favorite thing about her job is having the liberty to do simple things in life like read or do sports, things other than just her job; something which she did not get working with retail. She also feels that her job has made it possible for her to to really live in the moment.

She said, “Living in a moment and experience many different things in a short amount of time is another thing I love. Makes me feel like I’m really living life to the fullest.”

Brigita as a Social Media star

She has studied Film & Tv in university and had always loved photography and films. It was something that she felt passionately about & also felt that social media gave her the chance to connect with like-minded people. She feels, “It’s just incredible to be able to share same interests with someone just with a click of few buttons.”

Her blog is a mix of her travel & her fashion adventures. Called AWO, it stands for ‘Arms Wide Open’. Rather interesting choice for the same, it becomes even more appealing when you understand the layered meaning behind choosing this name. Inspired by the action of clicking pictures with her arms wide open through her travel, it also means embracing life and everything else that comes with it with an open arm.

However, she feels that being able to managing her social media activities and personal life with a full time job is slightly difficult. But, she is slowly learning the ropes of it and trying her best. She is also in that place in career where she is still getting used to the lifestyle that comes with being a flight attendant. “I am honestly horrible when it comes to keeping up with my mailbox and social media. I think fellow crew can relate to that, sometimes you’re flying, sometimes you’re tired or sleeping the other times you’re busy. So it’s hard to manage but I’m trying my best!”

But, despite everything she would not want to change anything in her life right now. She tries her best to learn from her own and other people’s experiences. Her job offers her situations which give her the opportunity to learn life lessons all the time and that makes her life interesting.

Where to find her?

Instagram: @imbrigita

Youtube: @imbrigita


3 tips to properly communicate with your audience

“Be honest, be yourself and do whatever feels right. People like authenticity and I feel like nowadays there are so many similar people especially on social media. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just that the outside influence overpowers who we really are sometimes. Don’t be afraid to stand out or say no to things that are not true to your heart.”

3 funniest experience you have had

“In terms of social media, one of the funniest and actually most common things that happen to me is people telling me they saw me somewhere where I’ve never been. I get told a lot that my face reminds people of someone they know, so maybe that is the reason why they mix me with someone else.”

3 tricks to avoid

“Overthinking, staying up too long when you should be sleeping and talking too much. I am guilty for all 3 though haha.”

WOC word

Brigita’s blog is fresh and actually inspires us to live the life with arms wide open!

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