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Why Georgia is a better wedding target than Seychelles for the UAE flight attendants

Why Georgia is a better wedding target than Seychelles for the UAE flight attendants

The flight attendants are busy bees. They rarely stay in the same place for longer than a couple of days due to their work schedule. And they surely don’t have time to deal with the paperwork when they decide to get married so Seychelles became a very popular wedding destination due to its easy wedding process. But is the best one? Let’s see.

Georgia vs Seychelles as a wedding destination for cab crew

1. Flight

While both countries are quite close to the UAE and other GCC countries, Georgia is still 1 hour closer (3h 30min against 4h 30min). An hour can make a significant difference if you are an extremely busy person.

2. Visa

The UAE residents do not require a visa for both Seychelles and the UAE, however, upon entering the Seychelles you need to provide evidence of the return ticket, confirmed accommodation, and proof of the sufficient funds. The Georgian passport control doesn’t seem to care about such details and you are welcome to enter the country as long as you have a valid UAE visa (and even if you don’t have one for the majority of the countries of the world). 

The less paperwork you need to deal with, the more relaxing your stay is going to be

3. Documents required

To get married in Georgia you only need your passport. To have the same legal procedure in Seychelles, you need your passport and your birth certificate. It might sound quite easy but let’s be honest, when was the last time you’ve seen your birth certificate? For most expats it would mean reaching out to their parents in the home country and ship the certificate to their new country of residence.

4. Price

With the flight ticket to Georgia for 300 USD and to Seychelles for around 1000 USD and the daily budget around 13$ against 160$ accordingly, Georgia is definitely a much cheaper destination. 

The total general cost of 1 weekend for a couple in Georgia stands at approximately 2000 USD against 5000 USD in Seychelles

5. Marriage certificate

The average time period of getting your wedding certificate ready in Georgia is 1 week plus shipping against 3 weeks plus shipping in Seychelles. 

Bonus: Do you still think Seychelles is better because you were dreaming about the beach wedding? Well, Georgia has something to offer too. Not only it has beautiful beach sceneries too, the country can also offer a magnificent mountain and historic city vistas.

How to get married in Georgia if you are a flight attendant in the UAE?

Whether you decide to choose Seychelles or Georgia, you will need some help from the wedding organizers to make sure your wedding goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible. You are there to enjoy after all.

Easy Wedding Georgia is a local based company (with the offices in both Dubai and Tbilisi) that helps dozens of the GCC residents get married in Georgia. 

Their team takes care of everything – from flights to the wedding ceremony and all the necessary paperwork.

You can literally get married in one day and get your certificate shipped to your doorstep once it’s ready.

The founders of this sweet little company got married in Georgia too, being residents of Dubai so they know all the details of the process from the inside and make sure to help their customers with great support.

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