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5 Reasons You Should Not Become A Flight Attendant | WOC

5 Reasons You Should Not Become A Flight Attendant | WOC

Why would anyone, ever want to be a flight attendant? And, if you are still not convinced, then let us give you some valid reasons.

Beautiful Layover Destinations

C’mon, who wants to visit beautiful cities like Paris or Venice or Beijing or Auckland or LA for free and in addition get paid to do it? And, get to stay in amazing hotels? And, definitely not have an Instagram feed which fills everyone else with envy. Pff..never


No two days are the same

Why would anyone want to join a profession where everyday is a new adventure and brings with it something exciting? Who would want to wake up in Paris on Monday and then be experiencing Niagara Falls on Tuesday?


Get different cultural experience

Are you kidding me? Who needs to know about different culture, get culturally enriching experience in life or meet people from different cultures or try food from every part of world. everyday of your flight attendant life?


Exclusive Discounts

Thanks, but who needs thousands of great discounts in some of the top restaurants, bars, hotels, tours all over the world? You should definitely not check World Of Crew app, which gives 1000+ for cabin crew all over the world. Don’t click below.



No, why would someone want to wear uniforms designed by some of the world famous designers. Lol, you must be kidding me.


If you still decide to become a cabin crew, then you will take one of the best decisions of your life. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for the time of your life!

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