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Discover the person behind Jetlagged comics | WOC

Discover the person behind Jetlagged comics | WOC

It’s time for the last blog in the series and finally we will know more about the person behind the Jetlagged comics. Who is Kelly, after all?

Kelly’s journey as a Flight Attendant

How did your journey as a flight attendant start?

I started in 2007. When I was 5, my mom became a flight attendant, so I’ve been non-reving most my life. Initially, it never crossed my mind to become one. After a challenging job experience teaching English in a German high school, I realized sanity was an important job criteria. Naively I chose flight attending. At the interview I somehow slipped through the cracks. My first 5 years were based in Anchorage, Alaska, where I met my husband (also a FA). In 2012 we moved to Seattle. I love my job. It’s my muse. Flight attendants are some of the most interesting and eclectic people. The job attracts a diverse group, but once the uniform goes on, we all have a common thread.

What’s your favorite thing as a flight attendant?

My favorite thing is working with a great crew. When I see familiar names on my crew list, it doesn’t matter what the flight is, I look forward to it. When a great crew works together, the job is so much fun, and passengers feel that energy too.

What’s your least favorite thing as a flight attendant?

We just schlep Diet Coke, right? Nope. CPR and survival training, aircraft knowledge, self defense, training for situations like hijacks and terrorists and violent or aggressive passengers are only a few of the basic requirements we share. I’m proud to be a flight attendant. So when I see someone treat me or another crew like servants, I really want to say, “Excuse me sir, did you know flight attendants are experts at duct taping people to their seats?”


Who is Kelly?

We thought it would be fun to have a bit of a rapid fire with Kelly to know more about her. So, here is our favorite part of the interview!

What do you like to eat?/drink/wear/see/hear?

I love eggs. Omelettes, hard boiled, you name it. It’s good brain food. I also love to cook (Julia Child is one of my heroes, but I’m terrible at French cooking).  Coffee is my lifesaver. Just black, no foo-foo stuff.  I wear whatever has the fewest holes in it, jeans from Goodwill, T-shirts, zip-hoodie, comfy simple clothes. Surprisingly, I’m no fashionista.

I love to see water and mountains. One of my favorite things is to walk at the marina near my home and say hello to strangers. I love to hear silence. It’s rare, but sometimes when you’re deep in the woods, or it’s early in the morning, you can hear it. When I cartoon I listen to classical music. I grew up playing violin in orchestra and have a soft spot for Grieg.

What excites you the most?

When I get inspiration for Jetlagged, I get excited. I also get excited about sleep. I love sleep. Most nights I can’t wait to go to bed.

What bores you the most?

Being sick. It’s totally boring. It means I’m off my A game. I can’t do anything but lie there. I can’t even enjoy binge watching Jamie on Outlander. It’s that bad.

What drives you crazy?

Unpunctuality. It drives me bonkers. Whether it’s me running late or waiting for someone else. I think it’s the biggest insult. Messiness too. I’m a little OCD and you can thank my husband for that. In other words, the bed is always made!

What makes you laugh?

My husband, Robert, makes me laugh all the time.  I laugh when I read or listen to great comics and comedians (Scott Adams, Gary Larson, Jim Davis, Brian Regan, Jim Gaffigan, Hilary Price). My mom and dad are super funny and they make me a laugh all the time too.

What makes you sad?

Sad little old men break my heart. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because I was so close to my Gramps, who lived to be 100 1/2. He wasn’t a sad man, actually the opposite. But whenever a sad old man comes on board a plane, my eyes turn into sprinklers.

How do you manage to be that funny & creative?

If I create something that mirrors the truth, people will find it funny. When I write, I’m usually not laughing, I’m gauging if my ideas are honest. There’s a formula for humor writing and I try to stick to it. As for “not-so-talented people” I don’t believe there is such a thing. Everyone has a talent. Maybe you’re an awesome cook or great conversationalist. Whether you recognize and embrace your talent is another story. I think I can write and draw pretty good and I really like doing it. But without the encouragement and support of my husband I never would have started. I got really lucky.

I had to learn to cartoon. I worked hard to hone the craft. I’m still learning. As a kid I drew a lot. So from the start I had the advantage of being artistic. My parents encouraged it and in school I earned a mild reputation for knowing how to draw. In college I focused on writing because I was rejected from the art program. After college I hardly picked up a pencil. When I decided to start cartooning, my art skills had gone flat like week old soda. Starting was painful, but I was determined. I read lots of books, took local art classes, attended seminars, read and mimicked my favorite cartoonist and practiced like mad.

If you were a food product (like pasta, sushi etc.) then what would you be? Why?

Beef or chicken.

Who is your soul animal and why?

I love cats. I have two black kitties, Bob and Bailey. Cats are independent, cuddly and have what I like to call “psycho-kitty-freak-out” moments that come out of nowhere. I’m a lot like that.


WOC word

Well, to tell you all the truth, part of us is really sad that this is the last blog in our series of interview with Kelly. Her interview was as much fun as her comics. It was inspirational to know how Kelly took the tides of time in her stride and created something this positive, the zinc with which she pursued her passion even if it meant learning how to draw cartoons, mastering the softwares, getting over her hesitation of drawing about flight attendants and much more. We would also like to give a special shout out to Kelly’s husband Robert who is not just Kelly’s muse for Rob, but also played a very important role in encouraging Kelly to work on her comics & develop her art.

Thank you for making us all laugh so many times, Kelly. Continue being awesome!

Much love,

WOC Team

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