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What cabin crew like most in their job? | WOC

What cabin crew like most in their job? | WOC

This job is for someone who enjoys flying, is independent and can handle many different, unique situations. Those that make it past the first six months tend to have it in their blood and become what they refer to as “Lifers” and find that being a flight attendant is not as much a job as it is a lifestyle.


You get to travel the world…AND get paid for it. All over Mexico, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Guam, Jamaica, Puerto Ricco, Cayman Islands, England, Spain, Italy, Kuwait, Netherlands – on and on and on some more.The flight attendant lifestyle is a flexible one, which allows you to travel anytime you want. Paris in January? Why not?

Go on mini family getaways

Sometimes parents, spouse or partner and children all have these travelling benefits.

Did you say fancy hotels?!

If you are a fan of luxury and comfort, this profession is right for you. Once in a while flight attendants get the exclusive opportunities to try out the nice and fancy hotels. It can even be five star hotel with silver linings.

Plan your vacations for cheap

When on a holiday,you can get your holidays for a cheap price as most airlines offer discounted or free tickets to their workers. Also, along with cheaper tickets many other places like restaurants, hotels tours offer great deals because you are a flight attendant! One of them is World Of Crew! Check out all the great offers available for crew.




The lifestyle of a flight attendant destines you to always meet new interesting and different people. Business guys going back and forth across country, MMA fighters going to fights, Presidential candidates, celebrities, musicians, rappers, military, moms, brothers, inspirational speakers, guys heading to Vegas for a bachelor party. So. Many. People. Not everyone is awesome but the ones who are, they make you feel great. You will make many friends all around the world, some of them – for life.



You get the explore so many different cultures working as a cabin crew that the personal growth can be tremendous. You get to learn different languages when you are on layovers even if it’s just a few words, experience so many nice local experiences. And so many different things.


The enviable Instagram accounts

Maybe this is  a relatively recent addition in the list of benefits of being a crew. But, all the travel opportunities does give you an option to have one of the most enviable Instagram feeds with selfies & pictures from all over the world.


The uniforms

Some of the airlines dress their flight attendants with a really stylish and glamorous outfit – many fashion industry designers have created models for different airlines.  It is a great chance to wear fancy clothes as well as uniforms that are always attractive for others.

What’s your favorite thing?


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