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The Deepest Fears of Flight Attendants

The Deepest Fears of Flight Attendants

Being a flight attendant might have been your aspiration as a child, or even as an adult. But it’s definitely not a cakewalk to live this lifestyle. However undaunted attendants look, we all have our agitations. We all love our jobs, but it does bring out certain insecurities in all of us.

Your Job Affecting your Family

Odd fight timings, tiring layovers and distance can make you drift away from your family. This long distance relationship with your family or your friends can take a huge toll with the constant feeling of not being settled.

Health Hazards

Despite being constantly exposed to diseases and infections from the people you meet and serve all day, there is also always the fact that you are being exposed to radiations everyday. An irregular sleep pattern and diet can also be a deterrent to having a refreshed, rejuvenated job experience.

The thought of “never being settled”

Sure, travelling and exploring cities and being paid for it sounds exciting. But the thought of being able to have a simple life, finding a suitable spouse, going back home to your spouse might seem distant, or even impossible. Sometimes, nothing beats the feeling of falling asleep in the arms of your loved ones, right?


Unruly Passengers

We all know those passengers who yell, play their music out loud, objectify the attendants or drink too much. With social media & all the recent incidents around the treatment of passengers by crew, you are also never sure how to best handle the situation to avoid being the next social media sensation.

What Next?

We all enter this job thinking we will do it for a few years and then go on to follow our ‘other’ dreams. But, somewhere we get so used to this lifestyle, the travel benefits & other perks that it gets difficult to imagine how I left would be like after this.


I recently saw a post in one of the Facebook groups about a young girl of 18 asking if she could be a flight attendant at this age or will she have to wait till she is 21? Most of the people who commented recommended that “she should use these couple of years to save as much money as she can”. The fear is real. As glamorous as this job might seem from the outside, it is not the most well paid job and sadly the temptations as you travel the world our endless.

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