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[Crew to Follow] – Magdi Hafdhi | WOC

[Crew to Follow] – Magdi Hafdhi | WOC

Life is an album of chapters and it’s in no way too late to start a new one or experiment with new chapters.

The world is full of individuals who take pleasure in different lifestyles. Some are following well-trodden paths, others have turned off the beaten track and the audacious ones are even paving their own road. Travelling will introduce to people and show you it is possible to make detour, change direction and plan your own route. It will teach you that you have no power over where you were born but you do have control over where you stop.

This week our #crewtofollow is Magdi Hafdhi from RyanAir who is a keen photographer, loves to travel and explore . His life has not been same ever since he started his profession as a cabin crew which has helped him grow in all perceptions.

About Magdi

Magdi has been working with RyanAir since 2015 and is an active Instagram influencer. He loves to travel and loves photography. He believes it’s a fantastic story-telling medium. Whether you’re telling a story with one image, a sequence, a series, or an entire portfolio, the potential are endless and also captures a memory that you can have forever. He is fitness freak and loves hanging out with his friends. What excites him and motivates him to work is opportunity of a single event that will smash into us, enlighten us, and take us away on its fluffy-feathered wings where we will live happily ever after because every day is different and life is a roller-coaster ride. His spirit animal is Eagle because; it’s strong, free and majestic. One thing which bores him is lazing around when home.

Being A Crew

Waking up in foreign cities and meeting people with interesting stories and growing up as a person everyday is what pushed Magdi to pursue this career and holding onto it with time. Being a cabin crew offered him the opportunity to fulfill his desire to travel the world and photograph every moment. Through his new lifestyle in the sky, he learned how wonderful the view from the pane can be and that any moment life encounters spontaneous adventures which adds color and interest to life. Embrace them.

Madgi told us, “Every day can be better than the previous one by doing what I love. My way of thinking has changed after I became a cabin crew and I retain myself with positive thinking now that I’m flight attendant.”

Being an Instagrammer

Magdi started instgramming to help others see how rewarding broadening your horizons can be. He wanted to share his life, let people know him more and share his activities with the world. Travel had exposed him to many different cultures, lifestyles, values and beliefs.It’s always the stories that inspire travel. The stories come from many different people: family, friends, authors, teachers and mentors.But, no matter whom you hear them from; the most prevailing stories are those that come from people you can relate to. Those that help you believe you can do it too which is what motivated Magdi to share his stories through his camera lens.
Magdi said, “ I have three days off a week and that is the time I manage to deal with my social media and my personal life. I cherish positivity. When I started receiving reviews, likes and opinion it made me feel good about me. It motivated me more to capture post and inspire people.”

Being a Social media Star

Magdi has perfected his Instagram account with aesthetic vibe from travel destinations around the world and his constant social media affirmation and updates surely makes us envious.

Where to find him?

Instagram: magghafdhi


About WOC

And, this is what Magdi had to say about WOC, “I think that WOC is an amazing opportunity for all crews around the world! I would recommend it”

WOC word

Want some aesthetic travel pictures which will make you feel wanderlust? Then Magdi’s profile is a perfect place for you to go to!

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