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Travel Tips That Will Save Your Life (and Money!) | WOC

Travel Tips That Will Save Your Life (and Money!) | WOC

Travelling can be one of the most exhilarating yet somewhat daunting experiences we go through. The excitement of seeing new places is balanced out with apprehension on spending money and
your own safety. And, as a flight attendant, well, that’s your everyday routine.

With this in mind our partner website decided to create a comprehensive, go-to guide on a variety of tips (47 to be exact!) that you can refer to during your travels should you run in to any trouble. This guide can also be used before you travel to provide reassurance on any trouble or money-saving tips you’ll definitely find useful.

Read the full article here – Travel Tips To Save Money

And, of course you have World Of Crew app for cabin crew to save you money everywhere you go.

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Adam is a Marketing Executive for Premier Parking Gatwick – an airport parking service for passengers flying from Gatwick Airport. They provide long stay, short stay and valet services for you and your car whilst you sit back and relax during your travels.

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