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2017 Ranking – Top Airlines To Work For Cabin Crew | WOC

2017 Ranking – Top Airlines To Work For Cabin Crew | WOC

It’s finally time to announce the top 10 airlines to work for cabin crew – 2017. There has been many changes in the ranking this year & while a lot of new airlines have come up to the top 10, many have slipped out of the list. World Of Crew ran the ranking survey for almost two months and got more than 1,000 participants for the survey from over 40 airlines. However, the data for any airline was considered valid only if there were more than 20 participants.

So, the Oscar goes to…

10. Qatar Airways (- 4 Rank)

Qatar Airways ranking slipped from rank 7 last year to rank 10 this year. While it is still one of the highest paying airlines in the world & ranked high in benefits provided like free accommodation, benefit program for the crew, health insurance, layover hotels, leave policy and being tax free etc, but many participants from the airline reported that the job did not meet their expectations. The crew expressed concerns about the overly strict rules & policies that sometimes invade their privacy also bringing down the ranking of the airline to number 10.

“It’s great however, Qatar Airways have a lot of stupid rules and lack of privacy.”


9. Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa remains at the same spot as the last year and is consistently ranked #9 by its own crew. Yet again the airline ranked high on the salary, quality of layover hotels & leave policy, profit sharing, but the majority of the participants reported that while they get a few discounts there is no specific benefit program.

“Routes, colleagues and layover will be the best thing about working with Lufthansa.”


8. Virgin Australia (+)

Virgin Australia came up to the 8th spot this year. Free accommodation, great pay, free benefit program, 30 paid leaves, long layovers & a great work culture were some of the perks reported by the crew. The crew also rated the hotels & overall working ambiance in the airline to be really positive.

“The culture, it’s such a positive workplace.”


7. Air France (+)

Another new entry in this years list is Air France at rank 7. The company ranked high on the social support, layovers, ambiance, retirement plan & the ability to maintain life balance with optimum number of flying hours. However, average salary & absence of a very strong benefit program landed the airline at the 7th spot only.

“Not the best wages of the world but we can fly almost all over the world, 75 hours of flight /month (if more, interesting overtime), 1 week off every month to recover from jetlag and so preserve some of our family and social life, career and life expectancy, and fortunately because we’re french, one of the best social protection. We all know this job is one of the worst for health. Even if we had bad times, our planes and pilots are really not so bad, but if I’m wrong on this last point, thanks God!”


6. Virgin Atlantic (+)

Free accommodation, one of the highest salaries in the industry, a strong benefit program, retirement plan & profit sharing were some of the strongest points mentioned by the crew. The airline, however, ranked slightly lower in the leave policy, overall ambiance and layover hotels in comparison to its counterparts.


5. Qantas (-1 Rank)

Qantas dropped from 4th rank last year to 5th this time. Free accommodation, free benefit program, good salaries were one of the top ranking benefits as reported by the crew working in Qantas Airways. The crew also reported that the airline environment is fun & friendly to work in. It is an environment which allows self-development along with other things.

“Professional, safe and fun.”


4. Southwest Airlines (+)

Replacing Qantas this year is Southwest at the 4th rank. Good salary, presence of great benefits & perks like free discounts, free tickets, accommodation & profit sharing resulted in the airline being ranked #4 this year.


3. United Airlines (+)

One of the highest salaries in the industry, benefit program, perks like free tickets, retirement plan, good leave structure & the overall working atmosphere landed up the airline at the 3rd spot this year. The participants also reported that working with United feels like working with a big family and the company offers great flexibility & endless possibilities. United entered the list this year, replacing last year’s Air Canada.

“That it’s such a great adventure traveling to different parts of the world and feeling it’s just not just coworkers its like a large extended family!!”


2. Emirates Airlines (-1 Rank)

Well, the middle eastern giant lost the first rank to its neighbor and landed at rank 2 this time. Free accommodation, tax free salary, one of the highest salaries in the industry, paid leaves, health insurance & availability of two different benefit programs ensured airlines 2nd rank. Along with this the crew also reported the cosmopolitan work environment, destinations as great positives making their work experience one of the best experiences. However, the paid benefit program resulted in lower scores for the airline this year.

“It’s honor to me to work as a Ek crew member, first of all its diversity, every time you will fly with different nationalities from all over the world, you will learn a lot , starting from their language, culture, traditions , food, life of style and so on so forth, and most important you will see that with your own eyes, as emirates fly around the globe. Working environment also good, living conditions as well.”


1. Etihad Airways (+1 Rank)

With all the benefits like free accommodation, tax free salary, high salaries, health insurance,leaves etc. the airline provides its crew a free benefit program with a huge variety of discounts. Most of the crew also reported the safe environment in the city, flexibility, great destinations, layover hotels and the multi-cultural working atmosphere as one of the best things of working with Etihad.

“I like how they treat their employees, we have all the benefits and a good salary, plus the accommodations are new and fully furnished and comfortable with gym and pool facilities.”


Some Facts & Figures


Agree or not? Let us know in the comments.

p.s. we will be announcing the winner for the contest next week, in the meantime download World Of Crew the app and enjoy over 1,000 worldwide deals.

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