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Frankfurt Layover Tips For Flight Attendants | WOC

Frankfurt Layover Tips For Flight Attendants | WOC

Frankfurt is ripe with culture, restaurants, history, and it’s the center of banking and business in Europe.Eat dinner at one of their famous cider houses, experience the flavor of Frankfurt’s local dishes, relax at a beer garden, spend the afternoon at one of the free parks, or soak up the city’s history in a museum.

What to do in Frankfurt for 24h to 48h?

Städel Museum

Frankfurt layover-Stadel Museum

Founded in 1815, this world-renowned art gallery has an outstanding collection of European art from masters including Dürer, Rembrandt, Rubens, Renoir, Picasso and Cézanne, dating from the Middle Ages to today. More contemporary works by artists including Francis Bacon and Gerhard Richter are showcased in a subterranean extension lit by circular skylights.

Eat and drink in Sachsenhausen

Frankfurt layover-Sachsenhausen

South of the main river, Sachsenhausen has many of the best cider bars and pubs in the city. After visiting some of these pubs, take a stroll on the river and enjoy the view.

Spend the day at the Palmengarten

Frankfurt layover-Palmenhaus

This is Frankfurt’s Botanical Gardens and like most botanical gardens you’ll find a wide array of plants from around the world. Admission is 7 EUR and there are many paths, gardens, flowers, and birds to see here.

Stroll through the Frankfurt Book Fair

Held in the middle of October every year since the printing press was designed, this fair is considered the largest event of its kind within the publishing industry. It is a week long, but is only open to the public during the last 2 days.


Frankfurt’s red-sandstone cathedral is dominated by a 95m-high Gothic tower. Construction began in the 13th century; from 1356 to 1792, the Holy Roman Emperors were elected  in the Wahlkapelle at the end of the right aisle.The cathedral was rebuilt both after an 1867 fire and after the bombings of 1944, which left it a burnt-out shell.

Shopping in Frankfurt

Visit Offenbach

Just a short bike ride out of Frankfurt, Offenbach is a smaller neighboring city. Despite its size, there are tons of little shops, a Flea market, a Farmer’s market, an old baroque castle, and various historical sights here.

Handwerkskunst am Römer

Frankfurt layover-shop

Exquisite handcrafted souvenirs at this timeless shop include traditional toy-soldier nutcrackers, adorable ‘smokers’ (incense burners) depicting peddlers, miners, organ-grinders and so on, cuckoo clocks, music boxes, tiny wooden figurines and Christmas decorations.


Hundreds of tables and blankets spread out on the pavement are piled high with an incredible array of secondhand goods at this flea market; come early for finds.

Where to eat in Frankfurt?


Even die-hard carnivores might be converted after tucking into this stylish cafe’s creative vegetarian and vegan dishes: tempeh with three-bean and coconut salad with mango and avocado salasa; oat and chickpea burger with quinoa and cucumber salad; rice noodle salad with tofu, snow peas and asparagus; and raw poppyseed chocolate cake.


Aromatic stalls inside this bustling traditional market hall sell artisan smoked sausages, cheeses, roasted nuts, breads, pretzels, loose-leaf teas, and pastries, cakes and chocolates, as well as fruit, vegetables, spices, fresh Italian pastas, Greek olives, meat, poultry and, downstairs, fish. It’s unmissable for picnickers or self-caterers, or anyone wanting to experience Frankfurt life. The upper-level wine bar opens to a terrace.

Fleming’s Club

Stunning city views and equally stunning food await at this 7th-floor restaurant and bar.Start with dishes like lobster soup with pastis foam, followed by mains such as rib-eye steak with Béarnaise sauce and potato gratin.

 Flight Attendants discounts in Frankfurt

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Any Cool Experience to share in Frankfurt

How was your layover in Frankfurt? Did you discover any new places? If so, please do share these useful tips with your fellow cabin crew, by commenting below!

Have a great Layover !

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