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[Sunday Funday] – Glider Aerobic Ride Orlando | WOC

[Sunday Funday] – Glider Aerobic Ride Orlando | WOC

You have flown thousands of times. But have you ever flown in a plane without engines? Being pulled by another plane? In this blog, we will talk about Vanessa’s experience with Glider Aerobic Ride Orlando with Sasha Marvin.

About Vanessa

Vanessa originally hailing from Treviso, Italy, has been working as a cabin crew for the past 6 years. Or, as she said been living in the sky for the past 6 years. “Being a cabin crew involves a lot of privileges like stepping every day into new places and adventures and what I do is making sure I get the most of every single day of my lucky life.” – Vanessa

Her Experience with Glider Aerobic Ride

Meeting Sasha and his team was absolutely unexpected, you just wake up in the middle of the night, you find out that your next destination is Orlando and you just go.

Once in the hotel I was checking ‘unusual things to do’ online and here it is ‘The thrilling experience of making loops in the sky’. The concierge didn’t have a single clue of what I was talking about so… I asked few more things to my best friend (Google), I rented a car and I found myself driving through the endless green fields and lakes of Florida.

The journey was an experience already: animals, nature and just peace. Sasha’s hangar was just there.. In this spot of green that looks like a painting. I didn’t really have time to have some sort of expectations about that, but first impression was going already beyond.

Great and friendly staff. Few minutes and I felt at home already. I was there way earlier than my booked flight, I had a look around and I got to know my pilot, Sasha. He was in the hangar cleaning ‘my’ plane when I met him. He showed me the planes parked there with full explanation about the dynamics of the flight…I still cannot believe I’ve flown without engines 🙃

Half an hour of Italian chatting and we made it to the runaway. To be honest the feeling of being dragged to the sky by a simple rope attached to another plane was … strange, but I knew was in very good hands.

We started straight away with some loops and other acrobatics. No time for sightseeing here 😁 And It was absolutely incredible! One of the best experience of my entire life. It’s just so much fun being upside down at 4000 feet overlooking the beautiful view of Orlando countryside. After taking the first steps which can be a bit scary, everything is just pure FUN in a completely safe environment.

Without even realizing it, I spent there nearly 3 hrs chatting, flying and exploring the surroundings. It was an amazing experience that I would recommend to all my colleagues. Everyone has been to the studios already..and this is way better than the best roller coasters in the town.

For sure one of the top 3 experiences of my 6 years living in the sky.

What I highly recommend is to rent a car to get to the Semiole lake. It can get quite challenging (I would say impossible) to find a cab there for the way back. It’s cheaper and you’re free to explore the area.

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