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Copenhagen Layover Tips For Flight Attendants | WOC

Copenhagen Layover Tips For Flight Attendants | WOC
Copenhagen is not only the coolest kid on the Nordic block, but also gets constantly ranked as the happiest city in the world.  The backdrop is pretty cool as well: its cobbled, bike-friendly streets are an enticing concoction of sherbet-hued town houses, craft studios and candlelit cafes. Add to this its compact size and it is possibly Europe’s most seamless urban experience.The city’s good looks are also intrinsically linked to the famed Danish flair for design, with its industrial-chic bar, fashion scenes and culinary revolution. Yet Copenhagen is more than just seasonal cocktails and geometric threads; a bounty of beautiful beaches, wooded parks and elegant lakes also await just minutes away.

What to do in Copenhagen for 24h-48h?

Places to Visit

Experience Christiania

This hippie enclave (also known as Freetown) has been around since long. If weed isn’t your thing, come anyway for the cool beer gardens, people watching, and colorful wall murals.

Experience Christiania

Take a boat tour

The canals and harbor of Copenhagen are very scenic and much cleaner than those of Amsterdam.  Take the hour-long boat tour here to learn a bit more about the city. The huge boats leave from Nyhavn and, while “touristy,” you will find a surprising amount of locals on them drinking a beer on a sunny day.

boat tour copenhagen

Hang out in Nørrebro

This is one of the city’s hottest quarters, with an interesting multicultural vibe as well as an influx of young locals. Trendy bars and shops sit right next to dive bars and cheap kebab shops, so spend some time strolling the streets and taking in the eclectic sights.


Christiansborg Palace Ruins

Underneath this palace in the middle of the city, you can see the ruins of Bishop Absalon’s fortress, which dates back to 1167. It’s dark and damp down there, giving it a very crypt-like and ancient feel.

Round tower

Rundetaarn is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. And through a long, tiring walk to the top, it provides a sweeping view of the old part of Copenhagen.

Round tower


Danish National Gallery

The Danish National Gallery (free entry!) has great art from the likes of Rembrandt, Picasso, and Matisse.

Danish National Gallery 



Travel to Malmö

For a day trip, consider visiting Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city. It’s under an hour away, and you can spend some time strolling the historic city center. You’ll also get to cross the famous Øresund bridge, a landmark made famous by the hit Scandinavia crime drama The Bridge (Broen in Danish).

Enjoy Roskilde

Known as the ancient city of Denmark, Roskilde was Denmark’s capital from 960 to 1536. This is an amazing city to view the country’s history, whether it be at the various churches, brick building lined streets, or the Viking-influenced museums. This small city is close to Copenhagen so it’s easy to get to. The Roskilde Cathedral is the most famous in the country. It is also host to Europe’s largest music festival every June.


Where to Eat?


Originally a hit with farmers in town peddling their produce, the restaurant’s current fan base includes revered chefs like Noma’s René Redzepi; try the smørrebrød named after him: smoked halibut with creamed cucumber, radishes and chives on caraway bread.


Lillian’s Smørrebrød

One of the best, the oldest (dating from 1978) and least costly smørrebrød places in the city, but word is out so you may have to opt for a takeaway as there are just a handful of tables inside and out. The piled-high, open-face sandwiches are classic and include marinated herring, chicken salad and roast beef with remoulade.


The set menu is superb, with three smaller ‘surprise dishes’ thrown in and evocative creations like beef tenderloin from Grambogaard with onion compote, gherkins, cress and smoked cheese. The ‘deluxe’ wine menu is significantly better than the standard option.


Noma is a Holy Grail for gastronomes across the globe. Using only Scandinavian-sourced produce, such as musk ox and skyr curd, head chef René Redzepi and his team create extraordinary symphonies of flavour and texture.

Where to Shop?

Shop at a flea market

In the summer months there are numerous flea markets around the city that are great to browse. Many are open just on the weekends and offer an assortment of odds and ends. Nørrebro Flea Market is Denmark’s longest and narrowest, stretching 333 metres near Assistens Cemetery on Nørrebrogade.

 flea market 

Nightlife in Copenhagen !

Experience the “Morning Bar” 

There’s actually more than one morning bar in Copenhagen. “Morning Bar” is a term for the late, late (early morning) bars that open after the clubs close. Danes like to drink and tend to stay out at these bars until about 9am The most famous is Louise’s.

Morning Bar copenhagen

Flight Attendants Discounts in Denmark?

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Any Cool Experience to share in Copenhagen?

How was your layover in Copenhagen? Did you discover any new places? If so, please do share these useful tips with your fellow cabin crew, by commenting below!

Have a great layover !


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