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5 top tips to take the best mobile photos

5 top tips to take the best mobile photos

Do you like to capture your travel memories? It doesn’t matter which device you use (camera or phone) it’s all about the results. With these tips you’ll be closer to making professional photos.

1. Know your camera

It’s worth having a look at the mobile guide or do some research on the Net so you know better how to use the camera. At the same time, try to always keep clean not just the touch screen, but also the camera lens to obtain the best results.

 2. Avoid using flash

Nowadays, most of the smartphones incorporate a LED flash but it would be wise saving it for emergencies. The reason: lenses are close to the flash which means that the picture loses its natural light.

3. No digital zoom

Be careful with the digital zoom because it would destroy your best photos. Keep close to the object of interest and use an optical zoom instead. Once the picture is taken, you have a range of editing options that don’t alter its quality.

4. Stabilizing your phone

Keeping your camera still is important to avoid movement that will result in a blurred image. The solution is simple: hold your phone with both hands or rest it on a solid surface. Apart from this, you could buy a tripod (there are small and portable ones designed for iPhones) or a monopod which lets you take a shot of yourself from a distance like the selfie stick.

5. Photo- Editing apps

One of the advantages of the mobile device is the limitless edition applications at your disposal to challenge your creativity. The most used ones are: Picsart Photo Studio, Adobe Photshop Express or Snapseed.

What are your favourite photography tips?

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