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Which Layover Should You Bid For Basis Your Zodiac Sign | WOC

Which Layover Should You Bid For Basis Your Zodiac Sign | WOC

There are so many places to see in the world and sometimes narrowing down which place to visit first can be quite confusing. So, let’s make it a little easier and let the stars guide your way! If not for a layover, then for a holiday. Scroll away to find your ideal spot.


Aries love to do something adventurous or experiential. Nothing satisfies them more than some adrenaline rush. Rio offers many possibilities of adventure like Hang gliding or to experience the Brazilian culture. Nothing could be better than visiting it during the carnival eh? (And, don’t forget to download World Of Crew to get deals on Hang gliding, helicopter tours & much more)


Taureans love luxury, grandeur & nature. So, relaxing in a lavish resort amidst the beautiful beaches of Maldives. What could be better than that?


Geminis thrive in company, hustle-bustle of the city life and love to party. So, any big city would suit their taste, but Barcelona has a bit of everything for them.


Cancerians love nature especially water bodies. At the same time, they love cozy atmosphere where they can just be with their loved ones. So, a nice beach in a remote island of fiji might be the perfect spot for you.


You love activity or everything king size, after all you are the king of jungle! So, what better place than the urban jungle for the 21st Century Lions?


Virgo love everything high-end and gorgeous craftsmanship. Wandering around in the Louvre or just taking a stroll in the streets of Paris to enjoy the beatiful architecture plus shopping at Champs Elysees could be the recipe of a perfect layover for you September born.


Art & culture are as important as air for you guys. Rome the house of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel could just be the right place for you. A quick visit to the Vatican might even satisfy you more.


You love adventure, you love exploring novel things. So, going to explore the fun country of Cuba will fill your heart’s desires. For sometime at least.


Sagittarius have a spiritual side to them and also a thirst for knowledge. Spending time in monasteries & breathing in the unique environment of this country might be the food for the soul you were looking for.


As a Capricorn you are ambitious and nothing makes you more excited than setting on some adventure and finishing a challenge. Peru with its multiple hiking opportunity could be the perfect place to get that feeling of pride for yourself.


You are free spirited and you love to go out somewhere unique and yet unexplored by others. So, the road less traveled is definitely for you. Iceland with its blue lagoon and northern lights gives you that perfect opportunity.


You like to have something laid back, romantic and a place, which gives you enough space to roam about freely. Bali with its beaches, spas, temples could be absolutely perfect for you.

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