Skiurcrew Winners | WOC

Before announcing the winners for Skiurcrew, World Of Crew team would love to thank all of you for participating and making SkiUrCrew a success. We were really overwhelmed by all the posts, messages and mentions we received from all of you.

We would also like to thank our very special judges Imad & Amy for all their support! It definitely would not have been possible without them.

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Top 10 airlines to work for cabin crew 2016| WOC


The 2017 Ranking has been released. Read it here.

Recently, World of Crew conducted a survey to find out which are the top 10 airlines to work for flight attendants. We got the data from more than 200 cabin crew from all over the world working across 45 airlines.  One the basis of the responses from the participants, we have come up with the top 10 airlines. The parameters on which they were assessed were: accommodation, discounts on tickets, hotel stay during layovers, leave policies and benefit programs for cabin crew.

*Given the recent events where a section British Airways Crew has gone on a strike to fight for their rights, British Airways has been removed from the 7th rank.

Here are some facts & figures:

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