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What passengers would love from cabin crew? | WOC

What passengers would love from cabin crew? | WOC

Cabin Crew have winning smiles, perfect hair and the patience of a saint. They have to deal with all sorts of passengers, from inconsiderate parents to saucy holidaymakers trying to join the mile high club. We’ve read enough about what cabin crew really wish passengers to do. Have you ever wondered what passengers would love from cabin crew ? We’ve gone out of our way to find out what that is.

Keep those complementary on-board drinks rolling

Because there is no such thing as too much wine, right?

Safety instructions


We get that it’s your duty and you can’t do much about it. But, if you asked us to, we could chant those pointers without stopping once. If you take multiple flights with stopovers and layovers in between, sometimes we have to listen to it 4 times in a day!


We put in a lot of effort to fake our birthdays or wear the fanciest clothes to get it. We’re ready to do every trick in the book a million times over. So, if you can, then please give us the upgrades and let us enjoy the luxury!

Need Rescuing!


Yes, it puts you in a difficult position, but save us from that inconsiderate co-passenger, the little devil that won’t stop crying, or the guy who thinks he booked the entire row with his seat. Please, pretty please.

Free Goodies

It wouldn’t hurt to make a broke , hungry passenger happy,right ? Anything would work – nachos or cup noodles or wafers or a mini cappuccino. Just keep ’em coming !

We are definitely not at best in the air somehow, but some of us still try our best to be. So, we can’t thank you all enough for bearing with our tantrums one flight at a time!

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