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Top 10 airlines to work for cabin crew 2016| WOC

Top 10 airlines to work for cabin crew 2016| WOC


The 2017 Ranking has been released. Read it here.

Recently, World of Crew conducted a survey to find out which are the top 10 airlines to work for flight attendants. We got the data from more than 200 cabin crew from all over the world working across 45 airlines.  One the basis of the responses from the participants, we have come up with the top 10 airlines. The parameters on which they were assessed were: accommodation, discounts on tickets, hotel stay during layovers, leave policies and benefit programs for cabin crew.

*Given the recent events where a section British Airways Crew has gone on a strike to fight for their rights, British Airways has been removed from the 7th rank.

Here are some facts & figures:

Now, it’s time to announce the results!

10. RyanAir



With no free accommodation and no special benefit program for its cabin crew, Ryanair ranked the lowest among the major airlines. However, cabin crew from the airlines talked about the stable & reliable roster being one of the perks of working with them. In addition, the airline offers discounted tickets for the cabin crew and their friends & family.

“Stable roster 5 3 5 3 and a lot of free time” – Ryanair cabin crew

9. Lufthansa


The airline offers free accommodation, discounted tickets for the crew, their family & friends. It also scored really high on hotel stay and leave policies, but there is no special benefit program for its employees. Landing up Lufthansa in the 9th position.

“It has really good working conditions” – Lufthansa crew

8. Wizz Air


Although a smaller airline, it ranks 8th with high scores on quality of hotel stay, leave policies and a benefit program which provides certain amenities like discounts on gym subscription, health & beauty, cafes & restaurants. In addition, the participants talked about a friendly & open environment being the best thing about the airline.

Friendly, open minded, fresh” – Wizz air crew



6. Qatar Airways


With one of the highest scores on the quality of hotel stay during layover and the benefit program provided by the airlines, Qatar airways holds the place in the 6th position. Most participants from the airline talked about the competitive salary being one of the best advantages to work with the airline.

Salary is good & good layovers.” – Qatar Airways crew

5. Turkish Airlines



The airline scored high on the quality of hotels during layovers, the leave policy and also provides a free to use benefit program. However, it lost the position in top 4 due to the low quality of the benefit program & the availability of discounted tickets being limited to only self & family.

“Good salary, good working conditions, good layovers.” – Turkish airlines crew

4. Qantas Airways

Blog-top 10 airlines-Qantas



The airline ranked the top in the quality of hotels during layovers. It provides free accommodation to its employees, competent salaries and a free benefit program. The cabin crew also mentioned the fair treatment of the crew as one of the top advantages of working with the airline.

“They treat employees very well.” – Qantas airways crew

3. Air Canada



Air Canada offers to its employees free accommodation, free benefit program which covers plane tickets, hotels, cafes & restaurants, health & beauty, local deals and many more international offers. The airline lost the second spot in a very close call due to the quality of hotels during layovers.

“We as employees get really good treatment from all the departments.” – Air Canada crew

2. Etihad Airways



The airline offers competitive salary, free accommodation, discounted plane tickets, good hotel stay and many more special deals to its employees through the free to use benefit program called isave. The range of offers covered in the benefit program include clubs & bars, hotels, cafes & restaurants, health & beauty, universities and worldwide offers. Making it the 2nd best airline to work with.

“One of the elites” – Etihad airways crew

1. Emirates Airlines



Beating its neighboring airline and all the other airlines, Emirates despite having a paid benefit program, bagged the top position due to free accommodation, really good quality hotel stay, one of the best leave policies and the wide range of discounts available with the benefit program. The crew from the airline claimed that the airline provides to its employees the best training, an opportunity to work in a multi-cultural environment and the best lifestyle possible ever!

“Working for this airline will allow someone to live the best lifestyle in the whole world.” – Emirates airline crew

(Voting for Top 10 Airlines to work for cabin crew 2017 is open now. Click here to rank your airline.)

(Disclaimer: The ranking is based on the information provided by the current cabin crew working for these airlines. World of Crew takes no responsibility of the falsity of any information provided by the participants)


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