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5 Things Only People Dating Crew Know | WOC

5 Things Only People Dating Crew Know | WOC

You might have often wondered what it’s like to date a flight attendant, besides hearing tons of jokes about it. Here we list 5 reasons why it is so great.

You’ll never get bored

You’ll never have a monotonous or a boring dinner together. Their daily lives are filled with new stories about new places, towns, and experiences. A great chance to expand your spiritual horizon, dating them will change you as a person!

Trust, faith and constant communication

It’s not easy dating flight attendants. They’ll be gone for months straight, but you’ve got to trust them. Also, with the boon of technology, keeping in touch through video calls and texts will go a long way!

You get to see the world too!

Not to be materialistic, but we have to acknowledge that the discounted tickets and hotels are definitely an advantage. And you get to go on romantic getaways ALOT. Also, they’ll give you tons of great holiday recommendations and hidden destinations. This way, you get to adventure together! Don’t believe us? Check out all the discounts & layover tips they get with World Of Crew.


Get ready to be impulsive

Their work & lifestyle sometimes does not allow them to make a lot of plans in advance. But, believe us, there will be a lot of last minute adventures. Be it a last minute plan to go party or leave for a short staycation.

Their mood swings follow a different cycle

You better tread around carefully around that time of the month. Depending on good the roster stars have been their mood can be on either side of the spectrum! Some hugs, cuddles and a good listening ear might help.

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