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Cabin Crew essentials: Your life is complete now

Cabin Crew essentials: Your life is complete now

Life as a cabin crew, which requires you to live-out-of-a-suitcase for most part of the month definitely can’t be easy. But, we do feel that in today’s time and age with new innovations coming up in products and technology everyday, life has certainly become a lot easier!

Here is our pick of products and apps, which will make your life A LOT smoother!

Phizz – keeps you re-hydrated

Cabin crew check list phizz


Well after the alps, watches and chocolates, this is the latest gift to the world from the Swiss people. Little orange tablets that re-hydrate the body helping you to replenish essential vitamins and minerals, especially needed while traveling. It helps you deal with symptoms of fatigue and promotes a sense of well-being. These effervescent tablets are considered a COMPLETE game changer for frequent travelers. And, well who travels more frequently than cabin crew?!

Order Phizz from here!

Get a special 10% crew discount with code: PhizzFlight

World of Crew



All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! But, all the partying can burn a hole in your pocket. Worry not!

World of Crew – WOC – is an app that let’s you enjoy your life to the fullest by bringing to you the best deals, discounts  and offers available for crew around the world. With offers available in different categories like restaurants, clubs, spas, retail, medical etc. it gives you a chance to live life king size while going easy on your wallet!

Download it here now

JetLag Unit

Cabin crew essentials


Passionné par les produits faits à la main! :-)

Specially designed for all frequent travelers, Jetlag unit brings an exclusive range of passport covers, organizers, luggage tags and other items that are guaranteed to make your travel smoother.

As our Jetlag team says, “We all have faced at some point : “Jetlag” in our life.” And, in that drowsy jet lag state anything that can help you function properly and not forget that important document in the hotel room is a godsend! Isn’t it?

Where to find them?

Facebook: @jetlag.unit

Instagram: @jetlag.unit





Crewme is here to revolutionize crew’s lifestyle!

This cool app allows you to meet people within your search radius in the airports, match with them and meet new people. You could chat with them on the app and enjoy other super cool features. It is available both for free and paid subscription. Who knows we could be featuring your love story in our blog next ;)

You can download the app here

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