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Is Your Airline Paying You The Average Industry Salary | WOC

Is Your Airline Paying You The Average Industry Salary | WOC

Recently, World Of Crew conducted the 2nd survey to see the top 10 airlines to work for cabin crew 2017 – 2018 (we are yet to announce the result for that). While calculating the result what struck us the most was the discrepancy in salary of flight attendants from one airline to another. We calculated the industry average, is your airline paying you at least the average?

Here are some facts & figures

Average Flight Attendant Salary (Per Annum) – 1st Year & After 5 Years


From the 35 airlines, which were a part of the survey, the average flight attendant salary in the 1st year of working was $23,500 per annum whereas after 5 years of working it went upto $31,628.

Airline Salary Split



More than 54.3% of airlines were paying less than the industry average to their flight attendants in the 1st year of joining the company


However, after 5 years of working, this difference seems to be decreasing, with less than 49% paying their flight attendants less than the average industry standard. But, it’s still quite a lot.

More Detailed Split

We broke down the salary split further to give you a better idea.



Only 17.3 % airline employees claimed to be getting more than $3,000 (per month) in the beginning of their career.



However, after 5 years, over 40% airline employees claimed to be getting more than $3,000 (per month) salary.

Flight attendants from airlines like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Virgin Atlantic, Delta, Swiss, Lufthansa, Qantas, United claimed to be getting paid equal to or more than the industry average. Whereas even big names like British Airways, Turkish Airline, Air India, Aeroflot claimed to be paid less than the average salary.

This data is based one survey filled by over 400 flight attendants from 35 airlines.

Agree or disagree?

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