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Top 5 Flight Attendant Bloggers | WOC

Top 5 Flight Attendant Bloggers | WOC

Cabin crew blogs don’t just make a good read for other flight attendants and those who wish to join the industry, but also open the windows of the flight attendant world for passengers and those not from the aviation industry. We spent hours going through different blogs for cabin crew to come up with 5 best Flight Attendant Bloggers on the basis of quality of content, variety of topics covered and regularity of posts. Here’s our list. (in no particular order!)

Confessions of a Trolley Dolly

The blog, as promised, brings the glamour back to flying. Dan, the man behind the blog manages to cover a broad variety of topics related to cabin crew life with its various sections: Style in the Aisle, Angels of the Sky, IFE. It is fun, educative & make a great read for people from aviation and outside of it. Our favorite read from the blog: The History of the Homosexual Flight Attendant

best-flight-attendant-blogger-confessions-of-a-trolley-dolly copy


I Heart Cabin Crew

Weather you are an existing flight attendant looking for a fun read or aviation related news or you are looking to be a flight attendant in need of some information about cabin crew recruitment. This blog could be your one stop shop. Anything that happens in the aviation world can be found here.


Mary Hop

A travel and lifestyle website, the most important section is dedicated to flight attendants. Mary, a flight attendant herself, talks about new happenings around the flight attendant world. She likes to focus on consulting people interested to become flight attendants and especially those interested in transiting from a commercial flight attendant to a corporate flight attendant. She likes to believe that flight attendants do have a future after flying. Her blog and career center for flight attendants focuses on that too.

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The Flight Attendant Life

Created by Kara, the blog brings you really rich insight into life as a flight attendant & addresses some real life problems faced by flight attendants; be it dealing with relationships, family or  stress related to the job itself.  The blog brings some great stories from flight attendants life and shows you the more real, human side of the profession.


Heather Poole

If you are a passenger, you will like this blog because it will give you some really good insight into cabin crew life, make you empathize with them much more and hopefully learn to behave in a way in the flights, which will make  your cabin crew love you. And, if you are a  flight attendant, you will love this blog because you will be able to relate with everything Heather talks about. In many ways, it will make you feel heard like she is voicing your opinion as well.

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Honorary mention :P

World Of Crew

Yes, agreed it’s our own blog. But, we are not the only one saying this. World Of Crew got featured as the top 5th blog according to Feedspot as well. If you are a cabin crew, you will find giving you great layover tips & information about discounts available for crew. Along with that, the blog repertoire includes; Crew-to-follow, flight attendant humor, news or information related to the aviation industry as well.

Have we missed out on your favorite blog? Tell us in comments.

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