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5 Type of Flight Attendants Everyone Dislikes | WOC

5 Type of Flight Attendants Everyone Dislikes | WOC

We all have some colleagues who get on our nerves, the good part of being a flight attendant is that if you are lucky, you might not have to work with them again. But, sometimes there are more than one of their kind. Which type is your pet peeve?

The one who is lazy

This one is pretty obvious. No one likes to work with a colleague who does not do their share of work & you have to cover up for them.

The one who can’t say no

That crew who doesn’t like to say no to a pax or senior crew and you have to do extra work because of that!

The one with too many questions

The crew who is always asking questions; where is this? What to do for this layover? How to get there? How expensive is this? Why? What? Where? How?

The one who forgets CRC is not their bedroom

That crew who leaves the CRC undone or leaves their personal trash in the CRC. It’s a biiiiig irritant!

The one who snitches

The biggest pet peeve is when a crew does not show team spirit and snitches to the senior crew. There is no easiest way to get crew isolation than that!


Well, the good news is that after your flight you don’t need to think about them and you can enjoy your life with all the amazing World Of Crew partners who are providing awesome crew discounts for you!

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