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Flight Attendant Pet Peeves According Your Zodiac Sign | WOC

Flight Attendant Pet Peeves According Your Zodiac Sign | WOC

There are certain things which make us all unhappy or upset personally, but certain things just annoy the hell out of you. Sometimes those things are also based on our ruling sun sign. So, let’s see as a flight attendant, what situations while flying put you in a bad mood on the basis of your zodiac sign.


  • You like to be on time and do things properly, so if pax who are late for boarding will definitely not get your best smile or when crew promise they will go out at a certain time on layovers, but don’t turn up on time
  • You hate bullies. so bullying by one pax to another or among fellow crew members is not appreciated by you either


  • Your personal space is important to you, so if a fellow crew gets into your space, then it really pisses you. You might not say anything, but you get pretty uncomfortable
  • You are a foodie and like food. So, if you don’t take your own food and have to eat bad food during the flight, then it can turn your mood sour quite quick.


  • If a senior crew criticizes any of your action and does not let you explain, you tend to get slightly defensive
  • You are outgoing & social, so dull & boring layovers can be really buzzkill for you


  • You like to get your credit, so if a pax does not say thanks or please, then it really puts you off.
  • You are quite emotional by nature, so you are feeling a strong emotion and your colleagues don’t understand it or the reason, then that makes you feel even more sentimental


  • When someone brags excessively be it a crew or a pax, it sets you secretly fuming
  • If your purser/caption/fellow crew are excessively bossy, you feel they kill your creative energy


  • Anything which is unclean or messy; galley, food trays, CRC is enough to irritate you
  • Crew who borrow personal things and then forget to return it after the flight


  • You are fair as a person, so if there is a pax who behaves rudely either to you, a fellow crew or a fellow pax, they can get on your nerves pretty quickly
  • And, sometimes even pax who are not dressed messily. It just bothers your aesthetic sensibility


  • You like luxury, so a layover hotel room that doesn’t meet your standard of ‘good’ can ruin your entire layover
  • You don’t like superficiality or even a hint of lie, so if you feel that your fellow crew is guilty of that, then they have lost your trust in them


  • You are spontaneous as a person, so being asked your layover plans even before you fly is quite annoying for you
  • You like nice, beautiful things. So, if on a layover, you are not being able to shop those nice, beautiful things, then that really puts you off.


  • Your appearance matters to you, so if a senior crew or purser ever points out something wrong about your appearance then it affects your mood to a great extent
  • You put your heart and soul in everything you do, so if you ever make a mistake even as little as pushing the cart wrongly can really irritate you


  • You are spending your layover with a crew, but the other crew is busy on their phone while you are together. You can’t help but be a little mad at them.
  • There is nothing more putting off for you than bragging first class passengers. You don’t want to hear about how much money they have or how great their achievements are. Bragging of any kind seems tasteless to you


  • You don’t like to have things well planned, so any last minute surprises while the final checks can get your really stressed out
  • If a crew or a pax interrupts you while you are saying something. Nothing bugs you more!

Agree or not?

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