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The Top 10 Adventure Activities For Cabin Crew | WOC

The Top 10 Adventure Activities For Cabin Crew | WOC

When your job requires you to be flying at 35000 ft all the time, you need something stronger and much more adventurous to feel the rush of adrenaline. Here is our list of top 10 adventure activities for adventure junkies’ cabin crew in the world.

Air Tours Over Niagara Falls – 40% World Of Crew discount

Driving to Niagara falls is too mainstream. How about flying over the Niagara falls and getting the bird eyes view instead? Before you dismiss this as a not so adventurous thing to do, you need to experience their special programs ‘Journey behind the Falls’, which lets you go as close to the falls as possible without risking your life and ‘Niagara’s Fury – Interactive Show’ that puts you on a massive platform and experience mother nature’s wrath as lights flash, temperatures drop and water sprays.


Glider Aerobic Ride Orlando – 10% World Of Crew Discount

Want to do Aerobics? In the sky? In a glider? Over Florida?

Sasha Marvin, an ace pilot from Italy takes you on a glider aerobatic flight & let’s you experience the world from a slightly slanted angle. And, there are no seat belt signs on this plane.

Flyinguru professional Hand gliding pilots – 20% Crew Discount

And, if you are a tad bit bored of flying in air planes, then you can hand glide over Rio to get the adrenaline pumping. The team claims that cloudy days offer the perfect days to fly over and experience the gorgeous city of Rio! Are you in?

FlyinGuru in the air from Flyinguru on Vimeo.

Shark Cage Diving KZN – 10% World Of Crew Discount

If you are looking for more under the water fun than up in the air fun, then this one is for you. Take a dive with sharks in a cage or take things to the next level by snorkeling with sharks without any cage. The KwaZulu-Natal South Coast houses a wide range of species of sharks, from Tiger sharks to Whale sharks.


What’s better?

What’s even better? All these activities offer special cabin crew discount for WOC users.

Not adventurous enough for you? Add yours!

Now, that’s our top 4, but we still have top 6 places open.

Comment here or Instagram (with #WOCdeal & @worldofcrew) to add your favorite most adventurous activities.

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