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[Influencer] – Amy Bartholomew – A crew to follow !

[Influencer] – Amy Bartholomew – A crew to follow !

About you

  • Name – Amy Bartholomew
  • Where you work – Emirates Airline
  • Position – Business Class Cabin Crew
  • Started year – 2012
  • Where to find you (social media or else)
  • Instagram: @amybartholomew
  • Twitter: @amybartholomew
  • Snapchat: @amycarolineb
  • FB: @amytravels
  • Pinterest: @amybartholomew1
  • Linkedin:

Becoming a crew

  • When did you first think about it – I always did love traveling however as I was living in Sydney it made the cost of travelling both expensive and extremely far from the destinations that I longed to visit. I created a profile on the Emirates Group Careers website in April of 2012 after a colleague of mine told me about her best friend who was a First Class crew member with Emirates and it is from there that I started my Emirates journey.
  • How long did it take you to make your dream come true – I received my offer of employment on the 7th August, 2012 approximately 3 months after my Final Interview in Sydney.
  • Is it as exciting as you expected – Even more exciting than I ever imagined! I am so close to completing every flight available on the Emirates network which was my goal. I love working and meeting people from different cultures so it really is the perfect job for me!

Crew life

Your top 3 locations for layovers

  1. Rio
  2. London
  3. Nice

Your top 3 locations for short breaks

  1. Greece
  2. Iceland
  3. Maldives

Crew Experience

  • Funniest situation in a plane – On my last flight to Vienna, we had two children dressed up as a Captain and a Crew member wearing the uniforms available from the Emirates Official Store. They actually helped us with the boarding and put a smile on a lot of the passengers faces.
  • A message for the passengers – I hope you enjoy the Emirates experience!

The WOC Note

Discretion & quality are for us Amy Bartholomew’s best qualities ! We enjoyed a lot her instagram and are big fan of her latest posts.

A look into her Instagram

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