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Cabin Crew Myths Busted | WOC

Cabin Crew Myths Busted | WOC

People from the outside of aviation industry view the industry as a mystical place and have attached a lot of myths around the job over the years. Here is a list of few most common myths.

We are just waiters in the air

This is probably the most common myth that people hold and also the most annoying one. No, we are not paid to just serve you tea or coffee in the flight. Airlines can completely automatize that process. We are there to save your lives in case of emergencies.

We are not always partying

As much as we might like or want, we are not always partying on our layovers. We have strict no alcohol 12 hours before the flight policy and most of the times during our layovers we are either too tired or too broke or have other priorities than just partying.

Mile High Club

After everything that we see during the flight, we are probably not in the mood to get anything on. So, if you think that your pilot and flight attendants are taking turns to enter the ever famous club, then sorry to break that bubble for you.

We are just Glam Dolls

Associated with the first myth, we are not just paid to look beautiful & smile on the flight. Yes, physical appearance matters to the extent that we represent our airlines and need to put our best foot forward. But, that’s not the only thing we need to take care of. We all go through months of rigorous physical training, we can deliver babies onboard, give CPR, do a physical combat and in extreme cases help you survive in a secluded island.

It’s all Play

While in a normal job the work time is roughly between 8-9 hours, if you work as a flight attendant out work hours can extend to 16 hours too. So, for those who think our life is about taking flights and then just enjoying exotic layovers, then other myth busted for you there.

We are always traveling for free

We do get a lot of perks & benefits attached with our jobs. But, it’s not always free travel. Most of the times we travel stand by and in that case we are not sure till the last minute if we will be traveling or not. So, for special holidays or travel plans, we prefer to pay full fare & travel like usual pax.

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