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Support the Striking BA Mixed Fleet Crew | WOC

Support the Striking BA Mixed Fleet Crew | WOC

As most of you would know, British Airways cabin crew, members of the Mixed Fleet continue to fight for their basic rights. The crew recently announced a 14-day walk-out until the end of August 1. The action will continue again until the August 15, 2017. World Of Crew along with its partners is starting a campaign to show their support to the cabin crew community in the UK #supportbritishcrew.

Why are they going on a strike?

The crew members who joined the mixed fleet since 2010 claim to be on ‘poverty pay’ because of which many of them have had to take two jobs or cut down on the basics of life to be able to sustain themselves.

In addition, the airline has put sanctions against the crew which went on strike as an almost punitive measure. The crew however, is determined to fight for their rights and go to the highest court in the land, if need be.

The union said a recent survey revealed almost half of the new cabin crew had taken on a second job to make ends meet, with some saying they had to sleep in their cars between shifts because they could not afford the petrol to drive home. (Source: The sun, UK)

“The airline should be under no illusion of Unite’s intent to pursue justice on behalf of its members all the way to the highest court in the land.” – said, Howard Beckett the Unite assistant general secretary. (Source: Telegraph UK)

We care for you!

World Of Crew has started a special campaign to show our support for the British Airways Crew going on strike from July 19 onwards. Some of our partners based in the UK are offering special  services* to the British Airways cabin crew going on strike during this period as a solidarity gesture. And, some more are offering special cabin crew discounts. Here’s a list of businesses:

Show your support

If you are a cabin crew: Share this article with the #supportbritishcrew & spread the word

If you are a business: Offer something special to show your solidarity to the crew. Send us an email at [email protected] to be a part of it.


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