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[Crew to Follow] – Rachel W Wilson | WOC

[Crew to Follow] – Rachel W Wilson | WOC

Every week (almost), we love to bring to you crew members who manage to inspire & enthrall us with their blogs. pictures & social media. This Friday, we are really excited to give you a glimpse about the cabin crew behind the blog ‘The Dubai Diaries’ – Rachel Wilson

About Rachel

Rachel has been working with Emirates since 2012 and is not a first class crew member. Before Dubai, she has lived in different places across the world like Austria & Costa-Rica & is multi-lingual. She can fluently speak in German and Spanish. While on layovers, she likes to be active, & go out and explore, but when in Dubai, she prefers to sit back & relax.

“I tend to make the most of my layovers by going out and exploring as much as I can, so I use my days off in Dubai to relax! I love to catch up with friends over good coffee and food, or chill out at home watching Netflix with a nice glass of wine!”, said Rachel

Here’s a sneak peak into her interview:

  • Which animal would you say is your soul animal? Why?

Probably a cat as they lead great lives – eating & relaxing!

  • What excites you the most?

This is an easy one – travel of course! That’s the primary reason I decided to apply for this job, to travel the world as much as I can!

  • What bores you the most?

I don’t get bored easily but watching football on TV is probably one of the most boring things anyone could force me to do!

Being a cabin crew

Being a passionate traveler & daughter of a pilot, choosing to be a crew professionally seemed like an obvious choice to her.

She told us, “It helped that my dad is a pilot, so growing up we were lucky enough to fly a lot (always on standby of course!) and subconsciously I always knew that was what I wanted to do. I think now I’ve experienced this lifestyle, I’ll never be able to have a typical 9-5 job!”

She finds getting to meet people from different cultures as the most interesting part of being a crew. She feels, “It’s really mind-opening to be able to see so many different parts of the world that I may never have had the chance to explore otherwise. As well as that, trying all sorts of food from all over the world.”

The idea of getting to explore new avenues and create new stories is what keeps her going as a cabin crew and handle all the tough situations like difficult work hours, being away from home and family. And, more importantly, it’s the elixir in the form of coffee. She told us, “The thought of there always being somewhere new to explore, and new stories to tell. Despite sometimes having to get up in the middle of the night or work when the rest of the world is at home (even harder at times like Christmas) just knowing that there is a new country out there waiting for me to explore, and amazing food to try, keeps me motivated. Another thing that helps keep me going …coffee, always coffee!

Favorite travel experience being a crew

It’s hard to pick just one, but seeing a new destination that I’ve been dreaming about for a while has to be up there. Even better when I get to sit in the cockpit for taking off or landing, which happens very rarely nowadays!

What’s the one thing that has majorly changed since you have started working as a flight attendant?

I wouldn’t say that too much has changed since I started almost 4,5 years ago, other than the fact that I’ve managed to work my way up from economy to business and now to first class.

Being a social media  star

If you check Rachel’s blog, you will find it is a complete visual treat. Along with tidbits, stories from her experiences during her layovers & holidays, they are filled with gorgeous pictures from her travel & the most picturesque views along with tidbits from her experiences during her layovers and holidays. They are not just amusing, entertaining, but also informative about the lives of a cabin crew. I definitely did not know the meaning of deadheading until I read it in Rachel’s blogs ;)

She started blogging after she started working as a crew. While she was doing her research to apply for Emirates, she read a lot of blogs from other crew. So, once she became a crew, she decided to start her blog to also help other people who are looking to apply for the same job. She started with documenting about her training and then there was no looking back for her. After all, there were all the amazing stories to be shared from her travels. She started Instagramming along with it & it is something that she absolutely loves.

She feels, it is much easier for her to maintain her Instragram account then managing the blog as it requires much more time commitment. She told us, “To be honest, it can be hard to keep up with my blog as it involves a lot more than just posting a picture on Instagram. I spend time editing pictures and researching the places that I write about, so sometimes it can be easier just to pop a quick picture up on Instagram!”

When it comes to balancing her personal & professional life, she told us, “I try to maintain a healthy balance as much as possible, and use my days off in Dubai as down-time from the job. It’s fairly easy to switch off as the job is done once you’re off the aircraft, and you never have to take the work home with you!”

Where can you find her?


Instagram: @rachelwwilson

Twitter: @rachelwwilson

3 tips to properly communicate with your audience

I always try to reply to comments as soon as I can, and try to engage with others on social media. Also I would say to always be yourself and be authentic.

3 funniest experience you had

Maybe not so funny, but some great experiences I’ve had is when other crew come to me onboard to tell me that they read my blog or followed me on Instagram and it inspired them to join Emirates! That is honestly one of the best feelings ever, just knowing that I have helped somebody to make their dreams come true!

3 tricks to avoid

Scrolling in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping (guilty!) and getting jealous of other posts, especially on Instagram. I follow so many amazing girls who travel all over the world and sometimes I need to remember to use their posts as inspiration for my next travels, rather than being jealous of how lucky they are!

 What do you like to do when not traveling

I love to bake! Growing up my mum was always baking and that obviously passed on to me, as I love making any sort of cakes, brownies or cookies! As well as baking, I do love to cook and I’m so lucky that I get to travel the world and buy my ingredients all over – I also get inspiration from all the places I go to and delicious food (especially street food!) that I get to try.

About World Of Crew

WOC is perfect for checking out all sorts of discounts available, and everyone knows us cabin crew love a good discount! I love the fact that it’s so easy to check based on my location and I can easily choose the category that I’m looking for. Keep it up guys!

World Of Crew Word

Rachel’s blog is an absolute treat for all the wanderlusting souls out there and if you are not so much into traveling, then I am pretty sure, it will fill you with the desire to explore new avenues. So, if you have not already had a chance to check it out, then we recommend you to make your next stop there!

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