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What Kind of Flight Attendant Are You? | WOC

What Kind of Flight Attendant Are You? | WOC

After dozens of flights with different crew, we all come across different patterns in which we usually react in every situation. So, we talked to a few flight attendants and came up with different kinds of flight attendants you will find!

The Fearless/Badass


She likes to keep things in order & if that means saying no to passengers when they ask for a drink before the take-off or nicely saying ‘not available’ when they ask for chicken instead of the fish, then she is ready to do it. When the captain sees her, instead of asking for another cup of coffee, he just smiles and says, ‘nice to see you again’. The grumbling passengers don’t hassle her anymore, as she is a pro in handling them now.

The Princess


Well…she is the poster girl of the airline and the one whose one smile can solve any issue that the passenger might be having. No coffee, no chicken, no blanket, does not matter as long as she is in the flight. The passengers will even eat poison happily if she offers it to them. The downside is that the bell never stops ringing as everyone wants just one more look of her.

The Swiss knife


Ringing bells, howling kids, passengers who can’t open the lav door, turbulence, emergency landing. And, ALL of that at the same time. Don’t fret! All of this will just take 50% of her platter, she still has space to handle more stuff.

The Helpful one


She is the best crew you could have asked to fly with and is every passengers’ guardian angel. Playing with screaming kids, giving a warm hug to an old granny leaving her kids behind, or helping her fellow crew plan their layover, suggesting them places with crew discounts, she brings the same level of warmth and energy for everyone around. When she is in a flight you will find happy, smiling faces all around. As long as you are not trying to take advantage of her kindness, all is well in this world.

The Dual One


She has a lot to give in her kitty and she wants to make sure that everyone gets what they really want. So, chicken or fish, tea or coffee, white or red, A or B, this or that, you or me, camel or sheep, excel or word, mac or windows, Brad Pitt or George Clooney…the options are always endless with her. But, hey, she has everyone’s best interest in mind.

The Panda


Jetlag is really not her best friend and all that partying during the layover did not help much either. There can never be too much of coffee or eye makeup to hide those dark circles. The sun rises from the west when she manages to answer her wake-up call. She is always the last one to come for the briefings. But, at least she made it to the flight.

The Missing One


(No one really knows her)

The Newbie


She is a baby whose excitement to visit new places and the nervousness to make a mess is almost at the same level. Boarding of passengers,  service, answering the call bells might take a little more time than usual, but she will make sure to finish it all before the flight ends (fingers crossed). She is still getting used to her wings before she can fly high towards the endless sky.


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