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World Of Crew Premium – Global Benefit Program For All Flight Attendants | WOC

World Of Crew Premium – Global Benefit Program For All Flight Attendants | WOC

Yes, you read it right! Now, there is a global discount program, which can be used by any flight attendant. It does not matter which airline you work with, you can access all the offers available with World Of Crew Premium. WOC Premium is a global benefit program tailor-made to suit the needs of flight attendant community.

What were your concerns with the current benefit programs?

As we were treading on the World Of Crew journey, we talked to some of you to discover what were your concerns with the current benefit programs. And, some of the things we often heard were:

Airline Benefit Programs

  • Most airlines’ benefit programs reach a point of stagnancy after some time; where not much is being done to improve them for its crew.
  • And, while there are many airlines which have a benefit program, there are many more that they don’t even have a benefit program.

Other Local Discount Platforms

  • Most of the cities have many discount programs available, but they don’t meet the needs of the unique flight attendant lifestyle. Most of the offers available are limited to a particular city and don’t have a global reach.

How can you benefit with WOC Premium?

  • Improve your home life

Want to unwind after a hectic layover, bond with your family & friends or catch up on day-to-day errands? We have got offers which will cover all your needs.

  • Make the most of your layovers

Worldwide discounts to make your layovers more enjoyable while going easy on your pockets. F&B deals, special tours & car rental offers to help you enjoy each city at its best & live up your dreams as flight attendants.

  • Enjoy your holidays

Everyone deserves a real break & your favorite holiday destinations are going to become much more fun with exclusive deals on hotels, spa & salons, tours, activities, etc.

Why WOC Premium?

  • Economical

Priced within the range of 30 € per year, WOC Premium offers an affordable solution for your needs

  • Continuous improvement

Our team is committing to weekly addition of new discounts & opening of new countries to get you more & more

  • Trusted by the flight attendant fraternity

According to App Annie, WOC was the most used discount app among flight attendants in 2016.

How to Start?

You have the option of choosing between different packages; free, monthly subscription & yearly subscription. And, as one of the early bird users, you get one month free subscription with the yearly plan.

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Want to know more?

Our team is constantly working towards adding more discounts & making your user experience better. We would love to hear from you or answer any questions that you might have! So, feel free to get in touch with us!

Email: [email protected]

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