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Feet Off The Ground | WOC

Feet Off The Ground | WOC

Why cabin crews decided to … well, fly.

Getting in the crew life is not as easy as hitching a free ride home. While some have spent an awful lot of time studying aeronautics, international studies, polyglotism or tourism, some have shed oceans of sweat in the gym and chugged on gallons of lemon water to be in the perfect fit for flying. Either way, it’s a fruit of hard work.

We all know that hard work pays. Just like how people look up to Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela and Hellen Keller, each flight attendant are writing their own success story.

So the World of Crew asked around, “Why fly?”. Here are the top answers:


1. It’s a big, big world…

It's a big big world, after all.

“I want to see how big Earth is. Back when I was a kid, I really got curious why airplanes look so big in the airport but so tiny up in the sky. It got me wondering how big the Earth could be then if I was up there! Now that I have the perfect job to the see the rest of the planet, it’s funny how I still haven’t seen enough to solve my long-sought mystery. So I’ll keep flying ‘til I do.”, – Maryam, 26


2. In spirit of genuine service

“Flying is a trust fall – I mean, you rest your whole being and career to a winged machine. There’s no greater joy in taking that fall to make our guests feel safer, warmer and closer to home in a short glimpse of time.” – Miggy, 29


3. #Selfie

“Becoming a cabin crew never hit me – not until facebook became a thing and most of my friends who were new in the airline industry then started posting photos of their world travels. Call it envy, but I’m glad I took this path.” – Cybelle, 27


4. Be careful who you bully

“I was a victim of bullying back in middle school. People shamed me for my looks and physique and even teased me for not getting anywhere far. Well, I may not have the perfect face and body until now but I must say, being a cabin crew gave me a whole new swag. Nevertheless, bullying and shaming are the worst things you can do to people.” – Phoebe, 31


5. Making momma proud

“My mom raised me by herself. Whenever I ask her about my dad, she would tell off random countries and say my dad lives there. A different country every time. Years passed and now I live to tell my dad’s tale to my mom. I send her postcards wherever I go. Soon, I might just be able to bring her along this journey.” – Thierry, 27

6. A world without strangers

“Meeting the right one is easier nowadays since Tinder, OK Cupid & Grindr came into the picture. However, interacting with people of all ages and colors – face to face, eye to eye – is that priceless magic I would never trade in search of the right partner. There are billions of people around the world and the thrill just keeps increasing.” – Sue, 31

7. Travel like a boss

“You wouldn’t believe how much discounts are laid on the list for crews! From East to West and North to South, wherever I go, my PINK Face card lands me on a VIP seat to something as classy as an opera show.” – Jo, 25

Do you have any other reasons?? Let us know in comments! and share this with your friends, they will be jealous. Trust me.

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