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Cabin Crew: Mystical Creatures or Mortal Beings? | WOC

Cabin Crew: Mystical Creatures or Mortal Beings? | WOC

There has always been a certain mystery towards crew life like they are some mystical creatures from a faraway land. True, crew’s office is up in the air, but are they really Tinkerbells or are they mere mortal creatures like the rest of us?

To a non-crew person, life of a crew will always be a backstage area to which they don’t have the access and all they can do is imagine what it’s like! And, often end up cooking crazy theories!

So, we asked some of our friends to tell us their perceptions of life as a crew member. I am sure, as a crew member you have heard some of them and maybe some are new. Let’s see what they had to say!


The world is their Oyster


“I think the most exciting part of their job must be all the travel. Imagine getting to travel to so many places and being paid for it. It must be like Monday Amsterdam, Wednesday Beijing and Saturday Sydney. What else can you ask for?!”

(I bet they don’t know that crew members also get special discounts to enjoy these places and they also have their own app World Of Crew for it)

Say cheese!!!


“Life as a crew must be like having a wedding photo shoot all day long. Smiling all the while when what you really want to do is punch that passenger on seat number 30 D, ask that kid to stop crying and chug that can of beer yourself.”



“I think their lives must be like that of celebrities. Look glamorous and perfect all the time, control your emotions in front of the world and still be high on performance.”

Pirates of the air!


crew life as imagined by people

“Cabin crew are like pirates of the air, except what they do is legal! In case of some alien attack or something, I can totally imagine them to take out their secret weapons from the food trolleys or overhead cabins and fight those evil attackers.”

Forever drunk…even without alcohol


“I used to travel a lot for work, so I can totally imagine it. You are so disoriented all the time that you feel you are constantly drunk. It’s like you wake up in the morning and think that the bathroom is on your right, but you go ahead and bump your head against the wall because this is a different hotel room in a different city in a different country in a different continent. I think it must be the same for crew members as well.”

Hectic! Stressful! Tiring!


“You want me to describe life of a flight attendant. I have got one word for you HEECTTTTTTIIIIICCCC!!!.”

(Now, little do they know that @WorldOfCrewTheApp has amazing spa deals for those hectic times)

A roller coaster ride


“It must be a lot of fun, you get to meet so many new people, see different places, experience different cultures, and party all the time. They must have so many fun stories to share all the time. I sometimes want to be one”

Crew life is…lonely


“They are constantly travelling and never stay in one place for long. In such a setup it’ll be difficult to form long term relationships or friendships.”

Worth applauding


“I can imagine them being drained out after continuously ‘pleasing’ the customers with a ‘smile’ on their face, putting aside their own emotions – the sadness, the pain, the hurt, the fear, and the anger. It does not seem to be easy and must take a lot of perseverance to be where they are. I want to applaud them for what they do.”


Well, I think everyone will agree that being a crew is not an easy job and if anyone deserves to let their hair down and party it’s you guys !! The good news is that you got World of Crew for that too! so cabin crew can find out about the hottest nightlife spots in town.

Do you think our non-crew friends understand your lives or are they still faraway from the truth? Have you heard some more crazy stories? Tell us in the comments!

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