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Best Vintage Flight Attendant Uniforms | WOC

Best Vintage Flight Attendant Uniforms | WOC

From runway chic to psychedelic space cadet, flight attendants have worn a staggering variety of outfits in nearly nine decades in the air. Uniforms were mandatory from the get-go, with the first flight attendants in the 1930s wearing reassuringly nurse-like kit to inspire confidence in plane passengers. Since then, uniforms over the years have woven together aviation history and vintage fashion, with female attendants regularly being at the forefront of popular imagination.

Flight Attendants  who wore bright green, striped calfskin boots, mini dresses, smocks, palazzo pants and nylon jerseys to Emilio Pucci’s bold prints, pastels and bursts of color which had  jolted the airline industry. Qantas Airways uniform, designed by Yves Saint Laurent, featured a distinctive kangaroo pattern that could not be mistaken for any other airline.
The cropped jacket and giant shoulders make for a classic 1980s power suit. Christian Lacroix joined the long line of famous French designers including Pierre Cardin, Hermes and Dior who’ve created uniforms for Air France.
lufthansa airlines vintage uniform

A pair of Lufthansa flight attendants wearing uniforms from the 1970s



 Miss Sweden Anita Ekberg wearing a vintage Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) uniform in a photo dated 1951.

iberia airline old school uniform

 Old school Uniform by Elio Berhanyer in the year 1972-1989



Braniff Airlines

Braniff Airlines had Stewardness Uniform Designed by Pucci in the year 1965

pacific southwest airlines vintage uniform

 Four Pacific Southwest Airlines flight attendants model a uniform from the 1970s.


A group of Turkish Airlines flight attendants sport this bright pink uniform from the 1960s

The bubble helmet by pucci

 This bubble helmet was part of the modern flight attendant uniforms designed by Emilio Pucci for Braniff International Airlines in 1965.

 These British Caledonian Airways flight attendants from the 1970s were mad for plaid.

Mohawk Airlines

  This Ithica, New York-based carrier partnered with the department store Saks Fifth Avenue to create these flight attendant uniforms in the 1960s.


 The French flag carrier tapped famed designer Cristobal Balenciaga to design these uniforms in 1969.

This is a vintage United Airlines flight attendant uniform from the 1970s.

Mila Schön was tapped by Alitalia in 1969 to design uniforms for its flight attendants. The collection included a wool suit for the winter.

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