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Accra Layover Tips For Flight Attendants | WOC

Accra Layover Tips For Flight Attendants | WOC

Ghana’s beating heart probably won’t inspire love letters, but you might just grow to like it. The capital’s hot, sticky streets are perfumed with sweat, fumes and yesterday’s cooking oil. Like balloons waiting to be burst, clouds of dirty humidity linger above stalls selling mangoes, banku (fermented maize meal) and rice. The city’s tendrils reach out towards the beach, the centre and the west, each one a different Ghanaian experience. The city doesn’t have any heavy-hitting sights like Cape Coast or Elmina but it does have good shopping, excellent nightlife and definitely the best selection of eating options in Ghana.

What to do in Accra for 24h-48h?

Places to Visit

The National Museum

This museum has wonderful displays about Ghana’s culture and history including the slave-trade, and Ashanti Kingdom.

Ghana National Museum

Makola Market

It is colorful, bustling, and you can buy absolutely everything. It is one place you can never miss in Accra.

James Fort

This is situated in the suburb of Jamestown. It used to be one of the monuments of  the Europeans and slavery. Presently it  houses a number of prisoners in Accra.

James Fort accra

Christianborg castle

it is unique among the castles and forts in Ghana as it served as Government House during various periods in the 19th centuries and continues to play that role today.


there are some nice beaches in and around Accra,   with Labadi Beach, Coco Beach and Bojo Beach being the most visited beaches in Accra.

The Arts Center

It is a great place to shop for handicrafts but you must also be prepared for a hard sell.

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum ( Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park KNMP)

It is the last resting place of the first President of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. It is dedicated to him for his outstanding campaign to liberate Ghana(by then Gold Coast) from colonial rule on 6th March,1957.

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum ( Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park KNMP)

Where to Eat?


Conveniently situated close to the centre of Osu, Buka is, without question, one of the best lunch spots in the city.  Set on the first floor, so there’s a sense of escape from the throng, with lively music and wraparound wooden trellises adding to the ambience.

buka accra

The Chop Bar

Enjoy authentic Ghanaian cuisine in a modern atmosphere at The Chop Bar. With all the mouthwatering Ghanaina dishes on the menu, you won’t be disappointed. Reasonably priced and with great service, the Chop Bar is a great lunch spot.

Maquis Tante Marie

There are two branches of Maquis Tante Marie.  The newer is in Accra Mall, but the original Labone branch is the most atmospheric. All the seating is open-sided and the tasteful bamboo furniture and bright yellow tablecloths add to the exotic vibe of the place.

Where to Shop?

Couture at Christie Brown

This high-design store is a sophisticated shopping venue where those with an eye for style can browse premium clothing and accessories. Christie Brown specialises in incorporating African prints into wearable high-street trends.

Jewellery at Tebazile

Elizabeth Dankoro specialises in beautiful statement jewellery pieces, no matter your budget. The Tebi brand is funky, chunky and colourful, but there are also more refined ranges available.

Haggling at Makola Market

Makola Market is a colourful open-air department store spread over several blocks. Hot, noisy and insistent, it’s a bewildering sprawl of kitchenware, jewellery, textiles, shoes and anything else your cedi might conceivably buy.

Nightlife in Accra!

JamesTown Cafe

This stylish architect-owned cafe, bar and music venue sits in a beautifully restored building right in the heart of old Accra, just across from the sea. There’s local and international food, great cocktails and live music daily. Once a week, the party spills outside.

Republic Bar & Grill

With its bright red walls, black-and-white photos, vintage postcards and outdoor wooden deck, this fab bar wouldn’t look out of place in Brooklyn. Here, it delights happening young Ghanaians and expats in equal measure, and is renowned for its innovative cocktails made from local booze such as palm wine. Live music is also fantastic here, with many a highlife giant having turned up to play to exuberant crowds.

Republic Bar & Grill accra

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Any Cool Experience to share in Accra?

How was your layover in Accra? Did you discover any new places? If so, please do share these useful tips with your fellow cabin crew, by commenting below!

Have a great layover !

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