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[Crew To Follow] – Red Hat Surfer | WOC

[Crew To Follow] – Red Hat Surfer | WOC

“As long as we are breathing we are the winners. So do it now, sometimes later becomes never.” These are the lines that struck me the most when I read Maryan’s interview. The wisdom in these words can’t be denied and also give us a great insight into Maryan as a person. She is someone who believing each moment truly and living each moment happily. Let’s find out more about our Red Hat Surfer.

About Maryan

Maryan has been a cabin crew with Emirates since 2015. Well that’s something most of the people already know, but what not everyone knows is that she is also a mechanical engineering student. That’s not all! She is also an Ukelele player and is really interested in arts and science. Well, she is one multi-talented person according to us!

She feels that it’s very important to live your life happily and live each moment truly. She feels it is very important to make the most of the time you have and to not waste it doing things that you are not comfortable with or doing it with the wrong attitude. She does not like to see the world from other people’s lenses and likes to experience it on her own. Without being influenced by the opinions of other people.

“It is super annoying for me to be surrounded with people trying to suggest me about any opinion. I would rather prefer to experience on my own first, gossip is not my thing.”, said Maryan

Want to know even more about her, we did a quick rapid fire with her and here’s what she had to say:

What do you like to do in free time/your hobbies?

I would say my favorite hobby is photography, taking pictures everywhere I go to keep beautiful memories of the wonderful places that surround us. I am also a movie lover, so if you offer me to go to the cinema I’ll try my best to join you for sure! I also like to practice any sport or dance, draw (handcraft in general), reading and hangout with my friends.

Which animal would you say is your soul animal? Why?

It is so hard for me to choose one cause I am an animal defender and lover, but I would say the horse because of the values that it represents: freedom and braveness as the ancient mustangs; strength, speed and power as they’ve been the ones always helping the human race to accomplish the harder tasks; and last but not least loyalty and transparency, once you gain their trust they’ll be there forever and you can see in their eye’s reflex everything without a word needed.

About Being Crew

Like they say, your home is the first school you will ever have. Being raised by a now retired cabin crew, Maryan had a perfect role model at home. She was always drawn towards cabin crew as a career as she had first hand experienced multi-talented and multi-skilled cabin crew can be! She told us, “First of all I have to say that since I was a little girl, I used to be astonished about how cool and professional flight attendants were looking every time I was flying. They were all the time glowing, heroes on the line in any emergency situation, with that amazing general knowledge (nurses, fire fighters, police onboard) and that awesome language skills that made me wish be like them somehow.”

In addition to this, wanderlust combined with the urge to meet different people, experience different cultures and try the best food of different countries made her choose flight attendant as a career. She feels that’s one of the best decision she has taken in her life as the experiences she had as a crew made her the person she is today.

She also feels that it’s the love for her job which keeps her motivated, and even though in essence she is the same person, but the experiences she has had working as a crew has made her much more open-minded, empathetic towards other people, independent, culturally rich and thankful about what she has. She also feels that working as crew also allows her to continue studying and further develop her skills & knowledge.

Maryan tries to manage her time between her work and her studies as a Mechanical Engineering student. Even though it means studying on her days off and studying on layovers to cities that she has visited earlier. (Pfff..that sounds like a lot of hard work)

 Favorite thing about being a crew

I think my favorite thing ever about being crew is that I have the chance to take pictures around the world, being in places I would never imagine to be at my age and keeping those lovely memories and experiences for the rest of my life. These lovely stories are something I hope someday my grandchildren would like to hear about.

Favorite travel experience being a crew

I would say that my favorite experience for the moment has been my trip to Disney World Orlando. Since I was a little girl this was my dream and it became true just a few months ago. You can imagine how excited and blessed I felt that day, just like another kid running up and down around the place. I enjoyed until the very last second of the night, observing and being astonished by the fireworks on the top of Disney’s flawless Castle, flowing with the lights. I won’t ever forget the feelings at that moment when the tear drops were escaping my eyes.

What’s the one thing that has majorly changed since you have started working as a flight attendant?

I think my personality & for the better. Now I consider myself much more confident, courageous, determined, self-conscious, balanced, calm under pressure, fearless, focused, extroverted and independent.

Where to find her?

Instagram: @redhatsurfer

Being a Social Media Star

She started her Instagram account as she wanted to show pictures about her trips, her passions and share life with the world. She also felt that Instagram allowed her to post pictures and she feels that a picture is worth a thousand words, so what better way to express herself to the world. Although she feels being one the go most of the time she does not have internet all the time especially when is doing multi-sectors, which makes it difficult for her to post regularly. But, she promised us that she is trying to improve in that respect. So, yayy! More amazing pictures all our way.

She feels that it has given her the opportunity to connect with so many like-minded people around the world with whom she can share her expertise, her passion and her experiences around the world. She says she is not looking to become a role model, but just to share her experiences with people who care about the same things, have the same interests or as she said, “soulmates around the world connected by common hobbies and tastes. It also gives her a platform to help people who want to become cabin crew.

“I constantly receive messages of people who are not really sure how this kind of job works, they have doubts about how to apply for it or they just have many questions about the requirements. I am so happy to help them in any way I can, with something as simple as an answer via a direct message on Instagram.” – Maryan

Managing personal & professional life

However, she feels being crew & staying away from home, it gets difficult to balance between professional and personal life. As she is the one to always look at the bright side of life, she told us, “we are lucky that we travel cheaper than normal travelers, and we have the same days of leave (vacation time) as anyone else in any company around the world, 30 days per year. So, we can organize our days to go and visit family and friends back home, or they can come to Dubai and visit us. Living in Dubai we know lots of people and we make good friends along the way, then the difficult part is to manage to meet with our different schedules and timings, because at the end your friends normally are cabin crew as well and we have different rosters, there it becomes a challenge. But, I have to say that you can manage, with a good effort! So better if you spread out in the city and make some other friends that work in different areas as well, you won’t feel never alone then.”

3 tips to properly communicate with your audience

  • Well, to be honest I don’t feel myself like a social media star to give pieces of advice, but here I go with the things I normally do:
    Be yourself whatever you say or do, don’t try to copy styles or take pictures from another accounts to post it in your profile, it looks unprofessional and it is nor personal at all, so what’s the point to create your own account if it doesn’t reflect yourself?
  • Be conscious of the things you say, you have to be respectful. You can say what it is on your mind but there is ways and ways. I would recommend you to talk about your life, tastes or own things so no one else gets hurt or feel uncomfortable.
  • Try to be in touch with your people. It feels so nice when you speak with people around the world about the things you both like, enjoy and appreciate! Sharing comments, pictures and DM will make your account much more interesting and culturally rich. I love to see things or visit places I didn’t know about. So, I can enjoy my layovers the most just because some nice people recommended some things to do, it is much more pleasant to travel that way, even meeting friends on the way, that might be there for the rest of your life.

3 tricks to avoid

Please, PLEASE! Avoid to keep following and unfollowing people just to have more followers. It is super annoying and honestly your account will be totally fake. You won’t find anything interesting in the people you have connected to you.

Don’t expect the people to answer your direct messages straight away! Just because this is not Whatsapp or any other instant messaging app. You have to be aware that it might take some time for that person to connect to upload a picture or check the news, as it happens to me! hahaha I might be 2-3 days or even more time to see what’s going on in my Instagram.

Don’t use it as a flirting app because it is not. Some people might misuse it, but remember that this is not the main purpose of Instagram, and honestly in my opinion there is nothing more annoying and less sexy than trying to flirt through Instagram when I’m just trying to share nice moments and experiences with my lovely followers.

About WOC

I have to say that I saw it a couple of times before but I didn’t really know how was working, so now I know. Definitely I like it and I think you guys do a wonderful job!

WOC word

Our recommendation is to follow the Red Hat Surfer for some amazing fashion & travel related pictures. You will not be disappointed!

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